Thursday 21 April 2011

Meng Goes Online With Watches

The latest trader to take advantage of the free web presence offered by QVM is pleased with the result. Meng decided on product photos that gave a more upmarket view of his range. Instead of photos with a large number of products he has selected photos of individual items to convey his message. Click on this link to see his page –
Quality photos plus a brief summary of his product range gives Meng an effective web presence for the thousands of visitors that click on to each month.
If you would like a presence on the QVM site, simply email Andrew Cyples at the office ( ) with 6 good quality photographs and the following information –
·  Short description of the business and products available  (aprox 100 - 200 words) 
·   Business name and stall or shop location  
·  Website  (Direct link  from to your website)
·  Email address  
·  Business contact telephone number     

If you would like assistance with your entry, including producing suitable photographs, please contact Trader Volunteer, Greg Smith (0406 222 020).