Friday 29 April 2016

Friday Operations Catch-ups Bring Results

As part of a new initiative operations staff and Trader Representatives are getting together monthly on a Friday morning to discuss current operational matters around our market. The early signs are that this is a very effective way of cutting through red tape, predicting problems before they become an issue, and generally improving the communication chain between management and traders.

The catch-ups are the brainchild of Operations Manager Matt Ryan and Trader Representative Ivano Guseli and came about with the realisation that many issues facing traders and management can be made a lot simpler by early discussion and a common understanding.

A number of issues have already been resolved through this process with Trader Representatives from different market precincts taking part in joint discussions with Market Officers and operations staff. A recent example concerned late cancellation of storage boxes in an emergency. Traders who do not cancel their storage boxes by the cut-off time are subject to removal fees which can be substantial. If the reason for the late notification is a genuine emergency (vehicle break-down or sudden illness for example) then all parties, including box hire operators realise that there needs to be a special arrangement with either no fee or a minimum fee. Details are currently being worked through but we can expect a formal procedure shortly.

Another example concerns contact telephone numbers. One of our Trader Representatives raised the problem of traders not knowing what telephone numbers to call on different issues. All traders will have now received an SMS giving them appropriate contact numbers.

It is great to see grass roots initiatives like this working for the benefit of all participants at QVM.

Sustainable Market Traders

The rise of sustainability ethics has been quite dramatic. Current generations have been brought up on a diet of consideration for our environment in ways undreamed of even 20 years ago. We are not just talking about climate change either - issues of social responsibility, economical and political development, lifestyle, and ethical consumerism are all part of the debate.  These issues pervade our media content and can't be ignored by any market trader looking to prosper in the future.

There are a range of good ways to adopt sustainable practices and many have immediate business savings. Reducing your carbon footprint by using less paper and establishing digital records is a good example. Digital records take up less space and you don't have to buy as much paper. Recycling your paper products (many traders produce mountains of cardboard) helps reduce paper costs and the demand on our forests. If every trader established a digital connection with QVM by providing an email address, we could stop printing out Trader Bulletins. If every trader created a digital connection with their customers we could all stop printing business cards.

Power usage is an issue particularly in the food halls and as power becomes more expensive the potential cost savings on careful use of lighting, heating and cooling become more important.

Plastic carry bags pollute our environment in many ways and there are alternatives. But paper bags aren't necessarily a good alternative. There is a huge amount of data on the pros and cons of plastic versus paper bags and it is fair to say that both are undesirable in terms of resource use and pollution. Genuine biodegradable bags (not the “degradable” version that just breaks down into smaller pieces of pollutant) appear to be an acceptable choice. But the best alternative is for your customer to use their own recyclable bag and perhaps you should sell a version at your stall.

This is an interesting subject and we haven’t even touched on things like sustainable food production and Fair Trade. Community expectations are changing at a rapid rate not just in the way customers want to purchase things but the standards adopted by those they are buying from. Just ask the clothing retailers who have their goods produced in third world countries.

No matter what your views are on sustainability, many of your customers are embracing it, so it makes good business sense to acknowledge that mind-set. And your recognition can only help every other trader in the market as we make QVM a more ethical place to shop.

More reading:-

Let's Hope Renewal Isn't Just About Structures

There is a glaring gap in QVM's offer and it doesn't just relate to our physical form, our buildings and our open spaces. It is how we connect with our customers. And in a world where the use of mobiles is increasing at a huge rate (mobile usage for shopping doubled in the U.S. between 2013 and 2015) we are sadly lacking in this important area. We need an app.

It may sound crazy to some but mobile connectivity is a natural for our traditional market. Century old buildings and our folksy way of doing business might not seem the right setting for cutting edge technology but the reverse is true. Our killer advantage in retail is personal engagement with our customers. It is something we have done very well over the years, clearly setting us apart from the soulless department stores and supermarkets. Engagement through mobiles is just an extension of that personal service as well as a way of connecting with a broader range of customers particularly the new tech-savvy lot. If we are maintain that level of customer service into the future then we need technology.

Imagine a QVM app that would link visitors to our market. That would allow the introduction

of beacons. Haven't heard of beacons? They are a small, inexpensive, Bluetooth transmitter designed to get your customers attention as they walk past your stall. Think of a flashing neon sign but done in a more personal way. You could present your special offers to a broader range of customers straight to their mobiles. This is not some detached communication channel because customers still have to visit us to receive the service. Neither is this a discussion on online ordering from a website ( although you may want to do that as well). It is about engaging with your customer onsite. It could be seen as a coupon system or a special offer that doesn't require printing of physical notices. Beacons are the new kid on the block in terms of attracting customers and their use is growing worldwide.

But let's not get bogged down in a discussion on these new technologies. They will fit in seamlessly like most other forms of technology. There is another compelling reason for a
QVM app and it is way finding. Finding your way around QVM and more specifically finding your stall or shop can be a nightmare. We have plenty of overhead signage that points vaguely towards destinations although confusingly they often point up in the air or down to the ground depending on your perspective. We need a better way of guiding our customers and apps on mobiles are ideal. There is already technology that would show customers exactly where they are in a map and where their destination is located. An active map would show you where you can buy in-season fruit, or a pair of socks, that special spice, or the souvenir for your overseas trip.

Now let's have that debate on allowing customers to wander our market. Yes, if we encourage customers to wander we might all get a piece of the pie as they walk past our stall in search of their purchase. And for many visitors, particularly those on holiday, that is absolutely fine. But what about those on a time schedule. They have a limited amount of time to get what they want and they need to focus and get useful directions - otherwise it is easier to nip down to the supermarket or department store. Those people (and I am going to suggest that 80% of locals fit into this category) need quick guided access to all the wonderful things our market can offer.

If we are going to spend up to $250 million on our market, let's make sure a small chunk goes to a really good app and the internal data support system that will make things easier for our customers, make us a more attractive destination to a broader range of customers, and ultimately increase the bottom line for traders and the company.

By Greg Smith - QVMAC Trader Representative.

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Sunday 24 April 2016

Traders Front QVM Board

Each year QVMAC Trader Representatives are invited to present issues to the QVM Board. This is part of a commitment made by Chairman Paul Guerra a few years ago to allow direct Board access through two Board members attending QVMAC meetings and traders in turn presenting to the full Board each year.

Last week, Trader Representatives Catherine Underhill and Ivano Guseli fronted the QVM Board and following is a brief synopsis of what was presented –

Ivano Guseli – “If You Can’t Measure It You Can’t Manage It” – Ivano presented a case for introducing a system of measuring sales and other performance data for the purpose of jointly improving the likely future success of the total market.
Ivano drew from the UK experience where traders and market managers share data about market performance as part of their overall strategy to improve markets. He also drew on the Barcelona experience where comprehensive data supports the professional management of markets in that city. And just to show it can be done here, Ivano presented some sales performance data results from a trader run survey at QVM in 2012/13.

Catherine Underhill – “What Is A Small Business?” – Catherine asked “How does the board plan to negotiate the conflicting ideals embodied in the desire for upmarket presentation and “landmark tenants” and the traditional function of the market as a small business incubator?” She pointed out that there are varying interpretations of how small business might be defined and asked whether small chain operations with multiple stores, some of which exist at QVM, meet those criteria.
Catherine went on to ask about the role of “anchor tenants” and franchise tenants in the Boards vision of a future QVM.

Grand Final Friday At QVM

Grand Final Friday is a little way off yet but last year we decided that QVM could have a special impact on this new public holiday and it is time to do some planning.

The city of Melbourne is the focus at AFL Grand Final time, not just because the game is played at the MCG but also because of the big lead-up including the Grand Final Parade on the Friday before the match. We traded on that day last year and received some good reports as crowds ventured to the market, before and after the parade on Swanston St.

The market has a history of football related activities and over recent years many young Melburnians have met their player idols at football clinics under the sheds. So it is time to think about a key role for our market. As one trader put it – “Let’s make The Queen Victoria Market a key destination on Grand Final Friday”.

What sort of activities could we promote? How could your business contribute? What ideas do you think would work on such a day?

Can I Have Small Piece Please?

The changing face of consumerism is illustrated in many ways and this comment taken from the Herald Sun on 14th April 2016 refers to the era of the single portion food buyer.

Erika McKenna, 19, said the atmosphere and freshness drew her to the Queen Victoria Market. "It's a bit more leisurely than going to the supermarket, I enjoy it," she said. She said market produce was better value, especially when cooking for one. "I like that I can buy small quantities of things I need because I live by myself and cook by myself. "At a supermarket things like meat and butter are all pre-packaged, so I have to buy more than I need and I don't end up using it."

Bulk buying families have been the core of our fresh food business for decades, in fact probably since the setting up of the market. But things change and the rise of apartments, singles or couples living in them, and more frequent eating out, is no doubt impacting on the way we do business at QVM.

What does that mean for our market? Does it influence the design of our shops or their location? Do traders need to adopt different merchandising philosophies? What changes might our planners be contemplating as we look at renewal options? What advice do we need to give those planners?

Please Put Those Mobile Phones Away

It is illegal in all Australian states and territories to drive a motor vehicle and use a mobile phone at the same time, without some sort of hands-free arrangement. It should be illegal for traders to serve their customers and use their mobile phone at the same time.

Forget all the tales about varying multi-tasking abilities (and yes my wife can definitely think of more things at the same time than I can). There are some tasks that are so important and so thought consuming that we simply cannot compromise them with less important distractions. And what could be more important than giving all your attention to your customers? In this highly competitive retail world one of the few advantages that traders have is the way we can personalise the retail experience.

The minute a customer walks into our stall we need to be watching them. Firstly we greet them, let them know we are ready to serve, and then watch their body language. If they hesitate, look quizzical or turn towards you, that is an opening to engage. And that is difficult to do when you are looking at your phone.

And by the way, if you really feel you need to play on your phone you will be pleased to know that many customers simply won't walk into a stall where the operator is not focused on serving. That will leave you with plenty of playing time.

Saturday 23 April 2016

Car Boot Sales Unfair?

Our “market of markets” has introduced some new concepts in recent times and one of the more controversial markets has been the car boot sale on a Sunday. The top end of C Shed on Sunday is home to a special concept market that is open to all Melburnians who simply want to clear stuff.

The latest complaint from some traders concerns the level of rent charged to the newcomers. Is it fair that participants should be paying less rent than regular market traders? The newbies pay $40 (including GST) for a single stall while the standard rate for permanent traders is $62.48.

In isolation that seems an unfair difference but like most things we need to look at the big picture before casting our vote. Here are some thoughts gleaned from traders over the past week – 
Car boot sellers cannot be expected to create the same profit as professional traders. Their rent needs to be related to their capacity to earn. By community market standards, $40 is expensive.
Concepts like car boot sales add a new dimension to our market and are likely to attract more customers. More customers means more business for everyone.
We need to be confident that there is a net gain from this activity.
Car boot sales are a great community concept and likely to create a “feel good” element. Participants appear to be very appreciative of the opportunity to be part of Australia’s premier market and customers appear to like the idea.
We should make sure that professionals don’t take advantage of the concept.
With trader numbers declining the rent return for QVM needs to come from somewhere – better to come from new traders of any sort than for current rents to be increased.
Some participants may be encouraged to become fulltime traders.
Car boot sellers are customers too.

On looking at that list there are definately more positives than negatives but what are your thoughts?

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Sunday 17 April 2016

Latest Retail News – 17/4/2016

Latest Retail News – 17/4/2016
1. Fake Oregano found in Australian supermarkets.
2. Caltex to add haircuts and dry-cleaning to their petrol station/ convenience store model.
3. H&M blames 29% first quarter profit fall on currency and weather.
4. Designer fashion retailer, Incu, reopens expanded store in QV Centre.
5. Food delivery apps increase competition in food retail sector.
6. Uniqlo parent announce first half profit decline of 33%.
7. Good Guys explore possibility of share market listing.
8. Specialty Fashion Group (Millers, Katies, Rivers) to launch City Chic brand in Myer stores.
9. Wesfarmers share price hit by Target scandal.
10. Electrolux closes fridge factory, moves all manufacturing overseas.
11. Marimekko launches Australian e-commerce site.
12. UBS says lower prices better option than loyalty programs for retailers.
13. Solomon Lew inducted into World Retail Hall of Fame.
14. Tesco expect to return to full year profit.
15. Online fashion retailer, Stylerunner’s founder Julie Stevanja, named Young Retail Entrepreneur of the Year at the World Retail Awards.
16. Target’s Geelong headquarters to be moved closer to Melbourne.
17. Major egg producer fined $300,000 for dubious “free range” claims.

Target In Strife Over Accounting Methods

Key retailer, Target, is under the spotlight after Wesfarmers announced it was investigating accounting methods used in the first half business report.

It is suspected that Target inflated its earnings for the first half of 2015/16 by negotiating supplier rebate deals. Apparently suppliers gave rebates on goods with the understanding they would be recouped with higher prices later in the year.

It is believed that new boss Guy Russo uncovered the scheme shortly after taking office in March. Target’s Managing Director has decided to resign.

Melbourne's Retail & Hospitality Industry Booming

Melbourne City Council has reported that the city’s retail and hospitality industry is at a record high with the contribution to Melbourne’s economy up 13% since 2013.

Some features of the report include – 
- Retail and hospitality accounts for six per cent of Melbourne’s $90.6 billion economy.
- Last year alone we have hosted more than 11 million visitors and our hotel occupancy rates remain high at 86 per cent.
- Retail and hospitality floor space occupancy is up three per cent to more than 2.78 million m2
Recent data also shows there are 1,418 hotel rooms under construction and 3,265 hotel rooms have planning approval and are likely to begin construction in the next two years. There are a further 4,822 hotel rooms in the pipeline.
- More than 35,000m2 of retail space is under construction.

Plans for the coming year include -
  • Supporting major retail developments including the St Collins Lane due to open in May 2016.
  • Leveraging opportunities with major conferences as well as our bumper events calendar.
  • Ongoing engagement and collaboration with business and industry particularly around the Melbourne Metro Rail Project, Flinders Street Station redevelopment, QVM renewal project and the review of the current strategy.

The full report is available here - Retail and Hospitality Strategy Report 2014-15

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Personalising Your Retail Offer

This is a plug for an upcoming webinar, but it is free, and you may gain some interesting insights into the growing trend to personalising your offer to customers. McDonalds are doing it with customer designed burgers and perhaps there are opportunities in your product range at The Queen Victoria Market.

It's all about me!

Personalising the retail offer


In today’s increasingly fragmented yet hyper-connected society, consumer behaviour can no longer be predicted, and yet all voices still need to be heard. As retailers attempt to be more relevant to their target audiences, and cater to their unique needs, retailers are adapting their service offers and store experience strategies to engage with prosumers.

By encouraging consumers to become the active producers of their own products, opening up the supply chain, brands have the opportunity to still have major impact within their desired audiences, whilst lessening the risk factor. According to, “brand conversations with the ‘me-economy’ are the big opportunity.”

Join  Retail Doctor Group and the National Retail Association on
Wednesday 27th April 2016 at 13:00 EST in their next Digital Business Kit interactive webinar to reflect on the power of personalising your retail offer.

This webinar is built by retailers for retailers, so submit your own questions or real life scenarios when you register to be discussed LIVE in the webinar!

Got a question on the most effective way to personalise your retail offer?

Submit your questions when you register to get the most out of this interactive webinar.

Here is the link - Free Webinar

Market Rent Reduction Extended

This happened at Leeds Kirkgate Market in the UK but it relates to a rent reduction during construction work on a building refurbishment so it is of interest in view of QVM’s upcoming renewal.
Leeds City Council introduced a 20% rent reduction last year to mitigate the effect of a A$25 million refurbishment of the historic market. The rent reduction was to end at 31st  March 2016 but traders have successfully negotiated an extension until hoardings are removed to reveal the works that started in March 2015.  
The market refurbishment has been under way for the past year and although the council insists “much work has taken place to minimise disruption to trade”, it has agreed to “extend the existing arrangements to offset the current trading conditions”.

Heard Under The Sheds

Camel Rides Unhealthy? – some concern was expressed over last Sunday’s camel rides coming in close proximity to fresh food and drink. The camels were a very sensible family fun addition particularly in conjunction with the Spice Trade promotion on Queen St. but perhaps organisers need to watch the proximity to food.

Stall Shifting Creates Tension – the top end of our market is seeing a high level of stall shifting as the market adjusts to accommodate new activities like the food court at F Shed/ Peel St. and the new specialty markets at the top of C Shed. Most of these changes seem to be achieved without fuss although two recent moves have raised the hackles of a couple of traders who adhere to the old idea that competitors should be as far away as possible.

Stall Spreading – the preliminary survey work has been completed and we are now waiting on a sub-committee to meet and come up with recommendations for a formal policy.

Bollards - the installation of new bollards in the top end will help keep vehicles out of pedestrian areas during trading hours and the safety aspect is commendable. At least one trader  has suggested that bollards should also seal off access to undershed parking in RK/RL on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Currently vehicles can enter those areas at anytime and block the aisles while the owners shop or unload creating a potential problem in an emergency.

Friday 15 April 2016

UK Markets On The Rise

Mission for Markets is a UK organisation run by The National Association of British Market Authorities and The National Market Traders Federation. So it is a combination of market operators and market traders.
Mission for Markets reports that since 2009, the retail markets sector has shrunk by over a third. £1 billion (A$1.8b)has been wiped from the ledgers and 12,000 businesses have packed up their stalls and ceased trading. The sector now has a collective turnover of £2.5 billion (A$4.58b) a year from around 33,000 market traders.

The sector turned a corner in 2012. Collective turnover has increased by £200 million (A$366m) year on year. NABMA and the NMTF forecast that retail markets will turn over £4 billion (A$7.32b) by 2020. Operators continue to invest in markets, with £36.6 million (A$67m) invested in 2014/2015.

Mission for Markets continues to lobby the UK government and seek greater integration of market activities into town centre offers. They encourage operators and traders to adopt best practise and resource sharing for the good of the whole industry. They say that their industry is undergoing a period of renewal and they encourage change as a positive for the sector.

Invitation To Official Opening of Merlo Coffee

Merlo Coffee are holding a cocktail function on Wednesday 20th April at their F Shed/ Peel St. location and traders are invited. The event will celebrate the opening of the first Merlo Torrefazione (Italian for roasting house) in Melbourne.

It sounds like a good opportunity to meet the Merlo team with a bit more time to chat than we get on a normal trading day.
The function goes from 6:15 to 8:00pm and you can RSVP here -

Building Controls Around QVM

Amendment C245 relates to the Queen Victoria Market Precinct Renewal and aims to amend the built form controls around the market to better reflect the significant changes that have taken place in our part of the city.
Following public consultation a number of submissions were made in relation to the amendment and an independent planning panel has been set up to handle those submissions.  A directions hearing was held on Tuesday 12 April 2016 with the Panel Hearing to commence on Monday 2 May 2016. The panel members are Trevor McCullough, Lorina Nervegna and Tania Quick.

Amendment C245 proposes to:
  • apply a public use zone to the Queen Victoria Market to reflect its ongoing importance as a community place. As a registered heritage place, development of the site will continue to be subject to permits from Heritage Victoria
  • protect the existing heritage sheds and the new open space from overshadowing
  • ensure adequate sunlight
  • provide environmental wind control – promoting comfortable pedestrian conditions at street level.

Further details are available from the CoM website.

Sunday 10 April 2016

Traders Get Recognition

Hard work, long hours, standing on your feet for 9 hours each day, sacrificing normal family life, and suffering the perils of fickle business trends, are all well known ingredients for market traders. Fortunately someone understands.

The City of Melbourne believes that small businesses including QVM Market Traders deserve recognition for the outstanding contribution they make to the fabric of our city. And they recognise that contribution through the Lord Mayor’s Commendations.

Any business with 10 years continuous trading can apply for a commendation with various levels depending on your years of service. It is free to enter, you attend a special function at the Town Hall one evening, mix with other traders and city business recipients, have your photo taken, receive your award and generally enjoy the warmth of appreciation from the city administrators. Many market traders have received awards over the years and we recommend your participation.

Follow this link for more details – Lord Mayor’s Commendations.

Trader Ideas Session Cancelled


The Trader Ideas Session scheduled for Tuesday 12th April has been cancelled. The QVMAC will discuss the future role of this type of trader engagement at its next meeting.

We have some really challenging times ahead of us at QVM. Following is a great opportunity to join other traders and management representatives in an informal discussion about issues affecting your business. 
If you have some views you would like to express or you would just like to hear what other traders and management representatives have to say, we recommend you attend.
Traders, Queen Vic Market wants to hear from you!
This is an open invitation to all traders to attend the next Trading Ideas session scheduled for Tuesday 12th April (3:30 - 5:30). These monthly sessions continue to provide an opportunity for management and traders to get together in an informal setting to share ideas and information about a range of themes.
Session 5: Improving Our Service to Traders (Part 2) - trader development/support and enforcement of rules
As we move through the process of renewal, we understand you would like to see an improvement in our service to you. We will be working hard to build a more customer focussed management company and we want your help.
At our March Trading Ideas session, the discussion focussed heavily on communications between management and traders. Those who attended gave us some terrific feedback on how best to build and sustain improved approaches to management and trader communications.
This next session will focus on two more important areas that traders told us they would like to see considered; trader development/support and enforcement of rules.
Please ensure that you book a place if you wish to attend.

Tuesday 12th April 2016 
3:30pm to 5:30pm
Engagement Hub
452 Queen Street
By phone: (03) 9320 5822
In person: At F1 Information Centre

QVMAC Meeting 7/4/2016

Thursdays QVM Advisory Committee meeting covered a number of issues and we will attempt to list the key points before official minutes become available.

Chinese/Lunar New Year – at our last meeting we asked that the City of Melbourne consider name changing Chinese New Year to Lunar New Year in view of the other nationalities involved in this celebration. We have been advised that the term Chinese New Year will be used again in 2017 but then reviewed for 2018.

Renewal Program Update: Project director, Joanne Wandel gave a brief rundown indicating that the first stage of implementation is still expected by mid year. Final best offers on the Munro site construction project have been received. Amendment C245 objections will be heard by an independant panel.

Marketing Update: A number of marketing initiatives were mentioned and we will wait for the official minutes before listing but special reference was made to Chinese tourism on the back of CoM marketing plans.
          Trader Representative Ivano Guseli presented the results of discussions with traders to determine the impact of Chinese tourism and indicated that there were strong responses in categories like opals, declining responses in Ugh Boots, and virtually no response in categories like photography. Chinese tourism is often painted as a key ingredient for Melbourne retailers but there are question marks over its relevance at QVM. We do know that organised tours for Chinese tourists often bypass QVM.
          The CoM Winter Marketing campaign is about to get underway including a focus on food and markets.
          The Australian Tourism Exchange event will take place mid May on the Gold Coast and QVM will be represented as they attempt to establish links with ITO’s (Inbound Tourism Operators).

Operation Update:
Stall Spreading – Management and traders are keen to formalise a policy. Feedback from traders has been received and the results of a survey have been published. The next step will be to discuss options and organise a meeting of interested traders to formulate policy recommendations. All participants were congratulated on the speed and professionalism of this process so far.
Christmas Holidays 2016 – Christmas Day falls on Sunday this year with Boxing Day on a Monday and Tuesday becoming a public holiday in lieu. Some doubts were expressed about the ability of food traders to obtain supplies for Tuesday trading. General Merchandise representatives expressed a view that the Tuesday would be designated a normal trading day for the top end at this busy time of year.
Critical Response Meeting – as a follow up to the discussion on emergency procedures we have been advised that a critical response team will evaluate the QVM precinct.
Plants In Boxes – the neglect of plants in planter boxes will be addressed by including the care of plants in this year’s cleaning contract. Temporary arrangements will be made until that contract is finalised.

Extreme Heat Policy: Marina Levitsky assured representatives that a draft letter detailing the new policy would be emailed that day.

Trader Assessment Criteria: Management have trial tested a possible new format for trader assessment. A meeting of the sub-committee including Trader Representatives will be held shortly to further test the format and agree on a draft proposal.

Trader Election Update: Discussions on a new electorate break-up for the election of Trader Representatives detailing 13 electorates each with 2 representatives (only one to attend meetings). The possibility of an imminent Federal Election has meant that the Victorian Electoral Commission is unable to conduct a trader election before the end of August.

Next Meeting: Thursday 28th April 2016.

What Does "Market of Markets" Mean?

The vision of QVM as a “market of markets” has been well documented but when one of our traders asked the simple question, “what does it mean?” the answer was not quite so simple.

Before we reveal our take on the phrase we thought we should look at some references in formal QVM documentation -

The QVM Master Plan contained a number of references to “market of markets” including –
Strategic Directions:Strategic Direction 1-  A Market of Markets. A place that supports and encourages sustainable market trading in all its varieties → Upgrade existing facilities → Welcome people seven days a week → Support emerging small businesses → Introduce new markets and attract new customers → Encourage longer visits.”
Summary of key master plan proposals: - “Queen Victoria Market will be a ‘market of markets’, with a distinctive offer and experience in each of its main trading quarters, interlinked by a network of attractive public spaces and connected to the surrounding city by high quality streetscapes.”

The Strategic Brief for QVM renewal said “The Queen Victoria Market precinct is home to a diverse range of markets with something for everyone.”

And here is our take –

The Queen Victoria Market celebrates markets as a wonderfully stimulating way of doing business. Our environment offers vibrancy, energy, freshness, smell, and noise, but above all personal contact with passionate knowledgeable vendors.
And we exhibit all those characteristics through a whole range of markets, from car boot sales to high end food shops, with relevance to a whole range of customers including locals, regional and interstate visitors, and international tourists. We provide for children, young adults, adults and seniors. We have goods for all spending levels, for rich and poor.
We are a fresh food market, a ready-to-eat food market, a clothing market, a souvenir market, and the list goes on.
We operate day markets, night markets, and special occasion markets. We are a market for consumers, a market for businesses, a market for communities and a market for sellers.
We are indeed – “A market of markets for all humanity”

Friday 8 April 2016

QVM Loses A True Gentleman

Trader Arnold Scheiner passed away this week. Sonia and
Arnold operate a clothing stall at the market which is famous for its monumental display of work wear and outdoor wear. 
Arnold's gentle nature and charming smile will be sorely missed by customers and traders alike.
Our sincere sympathies go out to Sonia and family.

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Wednesday 6 April 2016

Trader's Comment Reviewed

Would the trader who submitted a comment on late Sunday night regarding the future direction of QVM please contact us for a discussion on the points they raised.

The comment contained elements which breach our editorial standards ( see article - ) but also contained some interesting points and showed a passion for QVM that we would like to share with others.

If you would like to expand on your thinking in a way that can be published we would love to hear from you. You can of course remain anonymous and you may simply wish to rewrite your comments in accordance with our guidelines or we can sit down and do that together.

Greg Smith

Sunday 3 April 2016

Latest Retail News - 3/4/2016

Latest Retail News – 3/4/2016
1. CBRE says international retailers have lifted Australian CBD rents by 12% in 2015.
2. David Jones awarded first place for the ‘New or Completely Renovated Full-line Department Store’ in international competition.
3. Woolworths to drop 33 year old “Homebrand” label in favour of “Essentials”.
4. Sumo Salad and Sneakerboy receive innovation awards from international consultancy.
5. Alibaba set to surpass Wal-Mart as world’s largest retailer.
6. One of the world’s largest sport retailers, Decathlon, to enter Australian market.
7. All Dick Smiths stores will close by April 30th.
8. Solomon Lew, is set to become Australia’s first inductee into the World Retail Hall of Fame.
9. Myer, The Good Guys, Shoes of Prey, Kikki K and Stylerunner are all finalists in the World Retail Awards to be announced April 14th in Dubai.
10. McDonalds plans Asian expansion with flexibility to adjust for local cuisine.

April Fool Jokes Can Be So Cruel

We love our technology at ( there is something about being all high tech in a 140 year old market) and news of the latest 3D printer to come on the market struck us as an essential tool for every small business.

According to the report – “Krispy Kreme Doughnuts have launched a 3D doughnut printer which allows consumers to 3D print their own little moments of delectable joy at just the touch of a button. Each limited edition printer costs just $8990 and comes with 12 pods of Krispy Kreme’s world famous special glaze.” 

A link for more details revealed the announcement – "3Doughnut Printer is not an actual product. April Fools!!" An April Fool joke is one thing, but this is just down-right cruelty to all coffee and doughnut lovers.

While we drowned our sorrows in leftover easter eggs, we came across the following list of genuine (?) April Fools jokes for 2016.
Australian Tennis Open – courts will be surfaced with timber for the 2017 season.
Coles – will introduce “hover trolleys” to avoid jammed trolley wheels forever.
Ford – will introduce colour lighting into their vehicles to match your mood.
Vodafone – introducing Voda-drones to cover the 3% of the population not currently covered on their network.
eHarmony – in conjunction with Wild Life Sydney Zoo is starting a pet dating service.

And for a bit of homespun humour –
Queen Victoria Market - is to be renamed Queen Elizabeth Market in honour of the monarch’s 90th birthday.

Some people just have too much spare time.