Sunday 25 May 2014

Short News Stories - 25/5/2014

Federal Government Introduces Cloud Computing Guide for Small Business.

The Unknown Cosmetics Giant.
French company, Sephora, is to open its first store in Australia this year and they are looking to up to 20 stores in coming years.
Sephora is the fastest growing brand within the LVMH Group which includes Louis Vuitton, Givenchy and Bulgari. They are the market leader in Europe and are expected to offer stiff competition to the likes of David Jones and Myer here in Australia.
Sephora offer a different customer service strategy to the department stores with staff able to sell across brands and they are famous for offering samples to customers.

Airline Charges for Overhead Bins.

In a move seen as a precursor for other airlines, Frontier Airlines has introduced a $25 fee to use overhead bins on its flights. This is part of an international trend to force consumers to pay for services that were once free. In the US ticket prices only account for around 70% of the revenue generated by airlines.

Latest Retail News – 25/05/2014

Latest Retail News – 25/05/2014

1. Hospitality workers receive penalty rate cut on Sundays.
2. Domino Pizza introduces PayPal for online payment.
3. David Jones considering property sell-off.
4. Four Harvey Norman franchisees fined for misleading customers on returns.
5. ASOS launches campaign aimed at university students.
6. Study shows ethical products are major driver for consumers.
7. Lifestyle brands like Nespresso and Cath Kidston seen as growth markets.
8. The Westpac Melbourne institute index of consumer sentiment fell by 6.8 per cent in May.
9. April year on year retail sales growth in UK the fastest for a decade.
10. Iconic jeweller, Tiffany’s, sees double digit sales growth worldwide.
11. Ebay subject to biggest ever online data breach.
12. Ibisworld reports organic farming growing by 12% per year.
13. Melbourne butcher ditches cash, only accepts card.
14. Adidas to print your Instagram photos on your shoes.

Melbourne Butcher Ditches Cash

In an interesting move, a Melbourne butcher has opened a new outlet that only accepts card payments and no cash.
The butcher claims that the move has been well received by customers and any lost sales are well covered by the time saved by not having to balance the tills at the end of the day and by removing the problem of money handling and hygiene.
Presumably he relies on “paywave” payment technology.
Is this a sign of the times for all cash payments in retail?

Trader Returns From Overseas Market Tour

Trader, Ivano, returned from his self funded market tour this week with a wealth of information and global market contacts.
His trip included visits to markets in Italy, the famous Barcelona markets in Spain, and the equally famous London markets like Borough Market, Spitalfields, Camden, and Covent Garden.
He is very grateful to Global Markets Expert, David O’Neil, for setting up meetings and tours with senior market management and traders across the various European markets. Ivano has gained a lot of information about how these markets operate and is optimistic that the contacts he has established will form the basis for ongoing communication and liaison.
Firsthand knowledge of overseas practices and the ability to communicate with markets that have “been there, done that” can only enhance the efforts of the trader family as we work through our own renewal process.

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Lord Mayor’s Commendations Reminder

The Lord Mayor’s Commendations recognise the commitment of small business proprietors, including market traders, and their contribution to the City of Melbourne's prosperity. This is a reminder that applications for the commendations are due by 13th June.
Traders with 10+ years of operation are eligible and the process involves filling out an application form, and attending an evening presentation ceremony at Town Hall.
It is not often that traders receive outside recognition for their efforts and the presentation ceremony is an excellent opportunity to network with other small business operators in Melbourne, promote your business, and promote the Queen Victoria Market as a whole.
Or you can contact QVMAC Representative, Greg Smith on 0406 222 020.

Market Renewal - Barcelona Style

San Antonio Market in Barcelona is one of the city's better known markets and it is currently undergoing a rather dramatic renewal. We understand they are going underground at this site but leaving the old market building in place while they do it. Meanwhile the market has been moved to a temporary location. Our pictures tell the story with the interior of the temporary market shown to the right.

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Traders Start Using PayPal Instead of Traditional Bank EFTPOS

A couple of QVM market traders have become early adopters of the PayPal mobile EFTPOS system.
PayPal Here involves the use of a smartphone or iPad connected wirelessly to a special PayPal card reader. The physical sales process involves entering the transaction details on your smartphone or iPad and then handing the card reader to your customer who inserts the card, enters their pin number, and presses ok. The completed transaction shows up on your smartphone or iPad.
Why adopt the PayPal system? Well, it comes down to economics and it is a matter of doing the sums for your business. Current users of the mobile EFTPOS facilities provided by banks will be familiar with the monthly minimum $45-50 fees. Typically this is made up of a $25 equipment fee plus a minimum $20 service fee which is part of the percentage rate charged on transactions (usually 1-1.5%).
We understand that PayPal is charging a flat 1.95% for chip and pin transactions, and 2.95% for swipe transactions – chip and pin is cheaper because it is more secure. There is an upfront fee of $99 for the card reader but we understand that the flat percentage fee is the only other fee involved. You may be involved in some increased data usage on your smartphone or iPad.
Our early adopters are actually waiting on the release of the latest app from PayPal on 28th May before they start using the system but we will keep in touch with them and report on progress next weekend.

A Good News Story – Changing Product Mix

Retailing is difficult at present and QVM traders are always looking for flexibility in how they operate. Flexibility is important if we are able to adjust to changing trading conditions and the fickle nature of consumer demand.
There has been justifiable criticism of past management practices which have been perceived as too restrictive and lacking the entrepreneurial approach that is so essential to retail survival. But there are signs of improvement and this is one story to illustrate that.
Our trader operates two stalls with different but related ranges. They were struggling with their format and approached management with a suggestion that they be able to put both product ranges on each stall. They sat down with management and worked out a plan of action which essentially achieved what they were looking for. The two ranges are still defined separately but the combination has created a new look and feel which it is hoped will result in increased turnover for each stall.
The point is that traders who want to make changes to how they do business should not feel inhibited by past practice. If you have a well considered idea you should contact management and be prepared to talk through the options.

Looking For A $500 Subsidy?

QVM Traders are able to take advantage of a special $500 marketing subsidy for their stall. There are rules and conditions but it is all pretty straight forward and the subsidy can be used to assist with the cost of things like business cards and carry bags.
Trader Xenia has used this facility to subsidise the cost of her perfectly purple carry bags and her business cards as shown in our photo.

There may be other uses for the subsidy and you are encouraged to contact the market office. Here is the blurb from the QVM Traders Hub website –
 The Cooperative Marketing Program allows for traders to apply for a monetary contribution for their marketing exercises. To be eligible to apply, the Queen Victoria Market logo and trading hours must be shown on all items produced. This could be shopping bags, business cards, print advertising etc. The contribution is up to 50% of the production cost up to a maximum contribution of $500 per trader per financial year. Please note that prior participation in the co-op program does not grant automatic participation the following year. For further information contact Andrew Cyples via

Small Business To Get Protection From The Big Boys.

A provision of the Federal Budget that might have escaped notice involves contract protection for small business.
Consumers are protected from punitive conditions set by large business and this protection will now be extended to small businesses. A new scheme will include legislative reforms to make unfair terms in standard form contracts with small business void.
In a statement accompanying budget papers Small Business Minister, Bruce Billson, said “This will help to provide a level playing field for small businesses and enhance the welfare of Australians by increasing small business certainty, confidence and productivity."

Small businesses have often had to negotiate with big business on a take it or leave it basis under standard form contracts that place a disproportionate burden on one party over the other. Levelling the playing field is seen as a welcome addition to Australia's business scene.

Sunday 18 May 2014

Latest Retail News – 18/5/2014

Latest Retail News – 18/5/2014

1. Bevilles family buys back jewellery business one month after liquidation.
2. Giordano to launch 40 new fashion stores across Europe and Asia.
3. David Jones online sales almost triple.
4. Retail trade rose by just 0.1% in March as consumer confidence falters.
5. US homewares retailer, Williams-Sonoma, to open 8 more stores in Australia this year.
6. Metcash adds Midas Australia to its Autobarn and Autopro holdings.
7. Chadstone expansion looks to lure more international retailers.
8. Uniqlo to open its first store in Sydney.
9. Lend Lease plans to sell 5 shopping centres in NSW and WA.
10. Nearly one third of US online sales comes from mobiles.
11. Luxury Italian menswear label, Zegna, to open in Collins Place.
12. Clothing Brand, Lorna Jane, up for sale.
13. Walmart misses sales expectations for third time in five quarters.
14. Retailers recall more than 50,000 jeans and pillow cases after dye exposed as hazardous.

City of Melbourne Plans Smoking Ban

If a CoM Council proposal succeeds, smoking will be banned in the CBD including Queen Victoria Market.
Premier Dennis Napthine has labelled the proposal unworkable but that hasn’t stopped the CoM considering expanding its smoking ban in places like Causeway Lane across the whole city.
The CoM has already given approval for six sites to be made smoke free and, if successful, a complete ban would make Melbourne the first city in the world with a CBD ban.

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19/05/2014 10:45:23 smoking ban at QVM "A ban on smoking at QVM would be welcome.  I have had customers who are smoking stand just the other side of the line of my fruit and veg stall.  When they are asked to move (nicely), their responses are mostly rude.  
We are in the business of selling food and merchandise.  Imagine if someone lit up in the middle of Myer, KMart or Coles.  " over it

How Will Budget Impact On Retailing?

There was little in this week’s Federal Budget that will impact directly on retailing although that hasn’t stopped concerned discussion about the sector’s future.

The major concern surrounds consumer confidence and the huge impact that confidence has on retail sales. The CEO of the ANRA, Margy Osmond, said “Retail sales have been gradually growing for eleven consecutive months and retailers are concerned that the Budget will reverse these gains and erode consumer confidence at a critical time,”

The ARA’s, Russell Zimmerman, said “We are only just beginning to see retail and the services sector regain momentum after many years in the doldrums. It would be a travesty if these tax increases impacted on that recovery to the sector and the services economy.”

John Winning, CEO of the Winning Group suggested that a surplus budget was needed for long term growth -".... there is a need to improve our deficit, to provide stability and stimulate Australia's economy for the longterm confidence of consumers and the success of retailers."

Further cuts in government red tape have been welcomed, and the incentives to employ over 50 year olds is expected to impact on retail employment prospects. The impacts of budget measures on consumer spending are yet to be realised and, like the Reserve Bank, we wait with interest.

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Traders Present Resolutions To QVM Board

At a QVM Board meeting on Thursday 15th May, QVMAC Representatives, Jenny Pyke and Joe Stolarek presented three resolutions to the Board. These resolutions were formulated at a mass meeting of Traders on Wednesday 7th May to consider renewal issues particularly relating to the car park.-

The resolutions were –
1. The minimum car parking spaces should not be less than our current 1180 spaces, these include our spaces in the current car park of 720, spaces in Franklin St , spaces in Queen St and loss of spaces in Elizabeth St. due to bike lanes.
2. The current QVM Board’s and CoM preferred option for the car park under Sheds A,B,C as it stands is not acceptable to the traders as the risk to traders has not been addressed.
3. That a subscription be collected by QVM Pty. Ltd. on behalf of the QVM traders and placed into a trust fund to cover the costs of an Administrative Officer, a clerical support person to liaise on behalf of traders and other costs as they may arise.

Monday 12 May 2014

CEO Responds To Car Park Question

On May 1st we posted some questions from a trader seeking assurances about the QVM Renewal, particularly in regard to the car park. Here are the questions

01/05/2014 15:59:44 moolah for market  "So does this mean that if they don't sell the land on the south side of the market that the renewal will not go ahead?
Also before the renewal starts the land has to be sold ?
So if thats true, what happens if the promised car park with no less car spaces  (including the car spaces that we will lose on Queen st and Franklin st) than we already have doesn't go ahead, are we then behind the 8 ball because the land has already been sold? 
These are the questions I want answered before I believe that the underground car park is a good idea "

We decided to refer the traders comment to our CEO, Jan Cochrane-Harry, and she has responded that the answer to both questions is - No!

Thanks to our trader and to Jan for the quick response. Can we have more questions from traders?

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12/05/2014 16:41:27 moolah of market "So if thats the  case,the renewal goes ahead and stake holders agree that the disruption will be determinately to our businesses,as well as being very costly for no greater benefit then shouldn't we concentrate on how better to spend the publics money. Instead of disrupting the whole market for no gain just public space (flagstaff gardens is straight across the road) how about we weather proof the market, cover in the lane ways, renovate the toilettes, have  a P.A.system that works,an information booth( communication is the best form of advertisement )  in the centre of the market, Queen st is the connection to all our markets so use it every day not just Sundays. Really don't make it harder than it has to be, just to employe more admin staff.Oh and have more rovering entertainer because Harry the singing bubble guy makes the crowd smile every time."

Boost to CBD Fashion Good for QVM

Melbourne CBD's reputation as a fashion centre has reached new heights as fashion powerhouses like H&M and Uniqlo open their doors.
Long regarded as the fashion leader amongst Australian capital cities, the Melbourne CBD's attraction had shifted to nearby factory outlet strips like Chapel St. and Bridge Rd. over recent years but city retailing is back with a bang.
H&M's high profile debut in the old Melbourne GPO Building is a very impressive example of modern fashion retailing. It features a bewildering range of clothing. Racks and stacks of well priced clothing can be found at every turn which is an interesting contrast to some of the minimalist presentations at the equally impressive Emporium Centre nearby. Emporium features global fashion icons like Uniqlo, Muji, and soon to open Topshop.
The rejuvenation of Melbourne's fashion offer is seen as a key ingredient to Melbourne tourism attraction as visitors from interstate come to town for their shopping trips. The feed-off for QVM has real potential.

12/05/2014 16:52:54 CBD Fashion "Their is one issue l see with this.
Our trading hours are poor in comparison. The CoM has recently granted permission to the CBD to trade until 7pm 7 days a week, plus the late night trade on Thursdays and Fridays.
With our very early closing times - 2pm on Tues & Thurs, 3pm Fri (except this that still pack at 2pm) & Sat and 4pm Sun, we are now behind the times even more. Tourists no longer need to race out to get to the shops, because they are open later, so they can do other things, or just take their time starting the day. 
Surely it is time we except the facts that we need to look at hours. We no longer have that early morning trade, our sales are starting later and later in the morning, and we are seeing more and more visitors arriving as we are getting close to closing times. A number of visitors expect us to be open to the same time as the city stores, as we are part of the CoM.
I am not saying lets still be open at 8am but lets adjust our hours to reflect these changing times. 
I put forward an argument almost 12 months ago on a trial of changing our hours, on a Thursday only, with the market to to run 2 markets at the same time. One with the current hours, one with a later start time, and later closing time, but nothing has been said about this since, but l still say it has merit, and would be the 1st to put up my hand to trial it.
Currently l arrive in the market on Sat & Sun at 5am, to be set up in full by 8am, and that is my choice, and l do not start to pack until 30 mins after closing, and l find l do more sales after closing than l do in the 1st hour we are officially open. I am a 4 day a week trader, and arrive later on Thurs (about 6:30 - to assist my neighbour, so they have enough time to unload their truck through my stall) and about 6am on Friday." Lance

One Trader's Answer To Our Car Park Dilemma

Here is a letter from a trader that was headed "A New Car Park Proposal" but which in fact covers a number of possibilities for renewal. We congratulate Lance on a well thought through contribution to the renewal debate.

"Here I am, just a market trader, but l think I have a great suggestion for our car park issues.

A few facts that we need to look at:

Our current market site was a cemetery, and not all the grave sites have been removed, and this includes from Franklin Street all the way across to A shed, so any construction in these areas will find graves, that will need to be relocated.

Now why do I bring this up. Well its to do with one of the main reasons behind why the proposed new car park is going under A, B & C sheds and cannot be built on the current location. That is that the grave sites can not be disturbed in the car park. Now this raises the questions, about the other gravesites now being disturbed. Franklin street graves for the apartments, the car park graves for the realignment of Dudley and Franklin streets, and of course the graves under A, B & C sheds.

Why don’t we look at the following idea, based on the premise that we need the following things:

A new car park
More apartments
More Green Space
Better facilities for traders and visitors
Multipurpose uses

Ok so here goes, and l hope you can all follow me here.

Lets have a 3 or 4 level multi-story car park that is located over our existing car park and extends out over Franklin street. Franklin Street can then be realigned to meet up with Dudley street underneath our car park. Slip lanes can be added for both directions to allow direct access to and from the car park.

If the CoM asks one of the property developers to pay for this car park to be built, they can allow them to build 4 high rise apartment blocks above the car park, on each corner, allowing an open space area in the middle, creating a central park area, of green space, shops, cafes. The parking for the apartments will also need to be added to the spaces that are dedicated to the market, so additional levels maybe required, or the developer could just include these in the lower few levels of each apartment block.

The road level of the car park could have shops located within it, to work as a lead into the market area. Ramps could be built from the market to the roof top garden space of the car park, to allow access directly to it, if visitors did not wish to use the lifts. These ramps could be lined with cafes and retail outlets.

The look of the car park could easily be disguised by making it look like part of the apartment complex, through enclosing it.

The CoM could then invest money into much needed upgrades of the market. Lets face it, we need to improve a number of things.
The Queen street toilet block needs to have a coverage back to L – K sheds, so you do not have to walk in the wind and the rain to use them, or to line up in the wind or rain at the ATM’s.

We need to make the lower area and the upper area of the market one. This can be done by closing Queen St between Therry St and Victoria St, but this also needs to then become a covered multi purpose space. It could be used for live bands, cooking demonstrations, school holiday activities, Christmas, Easter, Melbourne Cup, and all the big events that take place in Melbourne. A large screen could be installed along with a permanent stage area.

Power needs to be supplied to all stalls, and water and sewerage facilities to the food areas.

We need to put roofs between the sheds, to reduce the weather impacts on our traders and visitors, thus removing the look of the torn and ripped tarps we are expected to replace every time a gust of wind tears them, adding further costs to running our businesses. I also feel that we need to enclose the outer boarder of the market, to reduce the wind and rain impacts on our traders and visitors. We could enclose this via large clear panels that are retractable at Peel St end of the sheds to allow vehicle access, with other retractable locations in Queen St and Victoria St. We can then have designated visitor access points located around the market. This would then provide a more structured method for visitors to enter and exit the market, and be able to distinguish the locations better, rather than entering anywhere around the market precinct.

We need to add a food court location that is actually centrally located to the upper area of the market, not down at the corner of Queen & Victoria Street. I propose that F shed is converted to that, with one side of E shed becoming tables and chairs allowing visitors plenty of space to sit and relax, eat drink and catch up.

I am sure that many traders will not agree with my ideas, but that is the great thing about debate, and after all, it is just my opinion."

Lance Dyer

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12/05/2014 19:46:29 response to Lance "How  pleasing to read Lances idea.  A market trader with such great , thoughtful ideas. totally agree with him, and applaud him " andrew g. 

13/05/2014 20:58:33 Car Park Dilemma "Well said Lance, how great to hear thoughts of one of the younger traders, because he is the future of the market. I really hope management reads this because I believe this ticks all the boxes." Drita McLennan  

Saturday 10 May 2014

Traders Meeting – An Important Step Forward

Wednesday’s meeting in the QVM Food Court was attended by over 200 traders. It was significant for a number of reasons not the least being that 3 important resolutions were passed unanimously by the group.

These resolutions were –
1. The minimum car parking spaces should not be less than our current 1180 spaces, these include our spaces in the current car park of 720, spaces in Franklin St , spaces in Queen St and loss of spaces in Elizabeth St. due to bike lanes.
2. The current QVM Board’s and CoM preferred option for the car park under Sheds A,B,C as it stands is not acceptable to the traders as the risk to traders has not been addressed.
3. That a subscription be collected by QVM Pty. Ltd. on behalf of the QVM traders and placed into a trust fund to cover the costs of an Administrative Officer, a clerical support person to liaise on behalf of traders and other costs as they may arise.

The third option followed a recommendation by Markets Expert, David O’Neil, that traders adopt overseas models where traders employ professional managers to handle their affairs. These managers are funded through subscription arrangements and are employed purely to act on behalf of traders.

Wednesday's meeting was also significant because of the positive focus on real issues. There was spirited and at times emotional discussion but a measured resolve was apparent. As convener Jenny Pyke said -" Mass meetings are not always the best way to communicate with traders but this one was appropriate for the time, and we can fill in the gaps between this type of meeting with emails and SMS. Just as long as traders are fully informed."

We would love to have feedback from traders who attended the meeting.

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Multi-Storey Above Ground Car Park Not An Option At Present

Wednesday's traders meeting focused predominantly on issues relating to car parking at QVM. 
Traders had stated a preferred option for a multi-level above ground car park on the site of the current car park as a cost-effective way to minimise disruption to trader activities. QVM have since stated their preferred option as an underground car park under A,B, and C sheds. 
QVMAC Representative, George Milonas, made the point that worldwide city design preferences had changed in recent years -"You will never have an above ground car park built anywhere in the world (in a major city)." It is clear from recent market renewals overseas that underground car parks are preferred.
However construction of underground car parks causes disruption during the construction phase. A key resolution from the traders meeting was that the proposal for an underground park under A,B, and C sheds was unacceptable in its present form because the risks to traders had not been addressed.

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16/05/2014 20:00:16 Above Ground Car not an option "I would like to respond to George's comments saying that you will never see a multi-story above ground car park built in major cities around the world.
I was in our own great city the other night, for a night out, and was looking around at all the new development that has been taking place, and guess what l was noticing all over the place, above ground car parks being constructed as part of these buildings. You can go almost anywhere in Docklands and see plenty of them, as part of new constructions, on the lower levels, prior to the apartments starting, or the hotels, or the offices, what ever the buildings purpose is. 
I think its more a case of, as you can't see them, you don't actually realise they are there, but they are, its just a case of better building processes, to include these car parks as part of the designs, rather than as a car park, and this then enhances the overall look of these new buildings." Lance

You are right Lance. I think George was referring to "stand alone" above ground car parks. - Ed

Friday 9 May 2014

QVM In The Press This Week

Herald-Sun May 8th – in an article about the CoM budget announced this week.
“Queen Victoria Market will get $942,000 for master plans and community engagement under its $250 million redevelopment, which is expected to take a decade.

The Age May 7th – in an article about disturbing graves at QVM.
“Potential disturbance to thousands of graves has led to calls for the Melbourne City Council to abandon key elements of the Queen Victoria Market project.

Read more:

Translating Articles For Traders With Non-English Speaking Backgrounds

One of our ex traders (Hi Rosalie) has long campaigned for multi-lingual posts for our traders with non-english speaking backgrounds.
It is a worthwhile proposal although impractical for the limited resources available to our trader's website. Fortunately help is at hand through Google Translate. Google Translate allows traders to copy and past any article on this website and than have it converted to their language of choice. Google Translate can translate into 81 different languages from Afrikaans to Zulu. Details can be found here -
We would be interested in your experiences using this facility.

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Sunday 4 May 2014

Latest Retail News – 3/5/2014

Latest Retail News – 3/5/2014

1. Marks & Spencer record clothing sales lift in fourth quarter.
2. Parent company of Uniglo offers reduced profit outlook.
3. Woolworths breaches ACCC fuel docket deal.
4. Oroton seeks partner to speed up China expansion.
5. Officeworks expands its online offer.
6. US retail spending rises 1.1% in March, the largest rise in 18 months.
7. Uniglo parent company shows interest in UK homewares retailer, Cath Kidston.
8. Flight Centre appeals $11m fine for anti-competitive behaviour.
9. ASOS rival BooHoo looks to Australian presence.
10. French website lets magazine readers buy any product featured in Vogue, Cosmo, or Elle.
11. Ebay launches new site for time poor parents of young children.
12. UK fashion label, Miss Selfridge, coming to Australia.
13. Southland Shopping Centre to get new train station.
14. Amazon’s first quarter profit exceeds expectations.
15. Korean cosmetic giant, LG Household, to buy Elizabeth Arden brand.
16. UK shopping centre installs fast and slow lanes to help customer flow.
17. ACCC to target country-of-origin labelling.
18. CBA to introduce ATM transactions using mobile phones instead of cards.
19. Walmart pays $334m to exit joint venture partnership in India.
20. Myer says store refurbishments impacted on lower third quarter sales.
21. SES Fashions, with 40 Australian stores, placed in administration.
22. US retailer, Neiman Marcus, exits China.
23. The world’s largest beauty retailer, Sephora, to open stores in Australia.
24. Westpac introduces tap-to-pay for Samsung mobile devices.

Dick Smith Launches Three Stores In One Shopping Centre

In an interesting move electronics retailer Dick Smith has launched three outlets in Queensland’s  Indooroopilly Shopping Centre.
The centre now contains a stand-alone Dick Smith store, a David Jones Electronics powered by Dick Smith store, and a new Move concept store which sells fashion inspired technology and accessories to the affluent youth market.
This could be an interesting lesson for market traders looking to expand at QVM while avoiding the no-repetition rules.

New Melbourne Show Promotes Customer Engagement

The Customer Show is a new Melbourne event focussing on ways to connect with today’s connected consumer.

The show will feature payment, multi-channel retail and customer engagement technologies under the one roof at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre on 14th and 15th May. More details here -

Traders Meeting Wednesday 7th May

Traders have been invited to a meeting in the QVM Food Court on Wednesday 7th May at 11:00am to consider a number of issues. 

1. Car park –loss of spaces, disruption, impact on the market
2. Loss of trading spaces in the upper market
3. Relocation of Fruit and Vegetable traders.
4. Changes to the Deli, Meat Hall and Food Court
5. Are there any benefits from the development for traders?
6. What are the risks for traders? Relocation, reduced stalls, removal of vehicles.
7. What do traders need to do to stay involved?

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No Vans In Stalls

Our CEO has floated the idea of removing vehicles from stalls. This has been raised as we look at ways to fit all traders into a smaller top end during (and probably after) the construction of an underground car park. Vehicles, particularly vans, take up a large area of valuable retail space.

Vehicles on stalls do take up a lot of space and they generally detract from the look and feel of a retail presentation. But they also add a level of convenience and operational efficiency that varies according to the nature of a traders business. After all, we are largely a retail centre that sets up and packs down every trading day.

One jewellery trader commented this week that his van is his security. If he had to unload his jewellery, and then leave the stall to park his van offsite, he would run a substantial risk of theft. Another trader said that he was seriously considering getting rid of his van and substituting storage boxes purely because he was sick of the traffic hassle getting to the market each morning.

There are many things to consider here. Are storage boxes a suitable alternative to vans and would they solve the space problem anyway? The economics of running a van versus storage boxes are often in the same ball park, but if vans were forced offsite we would need to factor in parking costs. If vehicles were only allowed into the market to load and unload we would need to manage the congestion problems during those times. No doubt traders will have many more things we need to consider.

If we want to fit all our traders into a smaller trading footprint, changes will be needed. Like most issues at our market, trader input is essential.

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05/05/2014 10:52:30 Vans  in stalls "There are days when traders pay over $100 to have  a stall which includes parking the vehicle on stall this would cause a major dusruption to the market with traders moving in and out at the same time also added parking Fees  and availability of parking spots it would all add up to one big disorganised mess.  These ideas look good on paper in an airconditoned office where you do not have to walk far to get pencil.  To travel from stall to carpark wherever that may may be leaving stall unattended is not at all practical in the running of an efficient Stall." A & J  E Shed  

 05/05/2014 17:35:20 Vans in stalls "Ask our CEO to concentrate on more customers. More customers More business More business More Traders More Traders Less vans LETS NOT FORGET WHAT ITS ABOUT. STOP MAKING LIFE HARD. WORK ON RUNNING A MARKET!!!!" John Magno

16/05/2014 20:16:15 No Vans in Stalls "I just love this idea...... NOT.... its great to sit in an office, and look at the market and go, it would be so much better if we did this and that, but actually have no idea of the logistics that it takes most traders to set up.

So for all those traders that travel to and from work in their vehicles, loaded with stock, who currently park at the back of their stall, which they are paying to utilise for the day, are now going to either have to arrive earlier to unload, so there vehicles are not in the market, and then move them to most likely our already under spaced car park (as lets face the office has almost 50+ spaces for its employees, security has approx 10 spaces, the car park has approx 6, the box guys all have spaces, the Fruit and veggie trucks all take 2 spaces each, and there is about 10 of those trucks, so we are already down almost 100 spaces) meaning even less spaces for our customers to park, meaning they will get frustrated with the long queue to get in, then driving around and around, because the system has let them in, because it does not realise its a full car park (because the fruit and verge trucks have 2 spaces each - and the system does not recognise this when allowing vehicles into the car park), or they will need to get boxes, which add costs, but lets face it, they are next item that the office whats to get abolish from the market, as they are not good looking, and they take up to much room. 

It would be nice if these people actually understood, what we go through day in and day out, and l know they have said, they would like volunteers to spend the day with to understand what we go through, but are they willing to be there at 5am on Saturday or Sunday morning, and still be there at 5pm Saturday night, or 6pm Sunday night when we are finishing for the day. Im guessing not. They will come and spend some time, but not the 12 or 14 hours that a lot of spend on our stalls.

These people need to realise, we are MARKET, not a shopping centre, we do not work like a shopping centre does. We do not have a roller door, we can pull up in the morning, and down at night. We don't have heating and cooling, we are exposed to the elements, we don't even have power to supply some simple services, like improved lighting, or even cash register, if we wanted to, or be able to charge an EFTPOS machine.

Yes some things need to be looked at, but stopping stall holders having their vehicles on their stalls, is not a priority. Yes do not let stallholders park on vacant stalls throughout the market, it looks bad, that l have no problems with. Park it on your stall, or at the back of a stall, that you have an agreement with that trader to do so, but not just on a vacant stall." Lance


Friday 2 May 2014

Special Opportunity For Traders At F Shed Renewal Centre

The Community Engagement Hub at the bottom of F shed has been set up for stage 2 Renewal Consultation. A number of traders have already registered their comments, feedback and suggestions at the hub and now a special time has been set aside just for traders which will allow access out of trading hours.

The hub will be available to traders at the bottom of F shed on - 
                            Thursday May 8th: 4 - 6 pm and
                       Tuesday May 13th: 4 - 6 pm.

Michelle Weston from Capire will facilitate these sessions and Fiona Whitworth from CoM and our Marketing Director Mark Smith will also be in attendance. 

Traders are urged to express their views on the future of QVM.