Sunday 11 October 2015

Specialty Traders Showcased At New Night Market

Stir Frydays is the new Friday night destination at QVM and the first night looked a great success with Specialty Merchandise being part of the action.

Think food, drink, and socialising and you can understand the concept in a nut-shell. So why is Specialty Merchandise there? The idea to cross promote Specialty Merchandise in the top-end with a night food market came from a recent QVMAC meeting. If QVM is to become the "market of markets" then letting patrons know what else the market has to offer just makes a lot of sense. 

The Specialty Merchandise marquee showcased just 7 trader's product ranges. The idea was to give a snap shot of some of the products that might be of interest to a new clientel. The night market crowd was a younger, trendier clientel than we normally see at the day market and seemed to include a mix of city workers on the way home and those out for an evenings socialising. Goods were not sold from the marquee, this was purely about promotion, however plenty of business cards were handed out during the evening and we hope to generate return business for the day market. This was our first night of the event and we will be doing some tweaking to the display for next Friday.

A big thank you to the traders who made their displays available and to the event staff for accommodating us at short notice.

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