Friday 17 June 2011

The Zara Retail Phenomenon

               The Spanish fashion chain has caused quite a sensation with its queue-forming opening in Melbourne’s Bourke Street Mall this week.
                Why? We don’t really know a lot about them but what we do know gives us some clues. Firstly they design their own clothing which helps keep the competitors a step behind. Secondly, they make their own stuff so they avoid middle men and they can react quickly to demand surges. Thirdly, their items are reasonably priced. Finally, they know how to grab headlines.
                Zara put their success down to flexibility - ''It's a matter of customer feedback,'' a spokesperson said. ''They decide what they want, what they don't want; we're pretty quick to react.'' Speed and accuracy are the key to Zara's success, not original or innovative fashion design.
            To paraphrase that famous movie – "We’ll have what they’re having".