Sunday 5 June 2011

Trader's Mobile/Cancer Scare

With no landlines, and in fact no electricity, it is fair to say that we traders use our mobile phone more than the average Australian. So the report from the World Health Organisation that linked the use of mobile phones to cancer has caused some concern. Apparently mobiles have been identified as a category 2B possibility of being carcinogenic.
Now, we treat any health issue seriously, however it pays to get these things into perspective. Category 2B includes a wide variety of products and compounds including Bracken Fern, Talcum Powder, and Coffee. As a fellow trader said this week - "I'll get concerned when chocolate donuts join the list" which we guess means he doesn't consider his mobile useage excessive but his chocolate donut consumption is.
In summary, the jury is still out on the effects of mobile phones on our brains. Cancer specialists simply suggest that people who are concerned should reduce their useage until more studies are completed.