Sunday 12 May 2019

Night Market Lighting Turned On For The Day Market

The colourful multi-lingual light boxes in our photo were installed in sheds K/L for the Europa Night Market but clearly have application for our tourist dominated Upper Market during the day.

Adding a bit of contemporary colour to our sheds has gained a positive response from traders who like the “Welcome” theme. Tourists seem to like them as well with a number noticed photographing the signs.

Recently the proposition was put to CEO, Stan Liacos, that the signs should be turned on for the Day Market as well as the Night Market, and he embraced the idea. The light boxes may be changed as market promotions change but we can expect them to be lit during the day in this format at least for the winter season.

Their ‘Welcome” theme is particularly relevant for the large number of international customers who inhabit the Upper Market during the day. And interestingly they may encourage a bit of reverse customer psychology with locals. With recent articles in the South China Post, and New York Times promoting our market to the world, perhaps the locals could view our internationalism as yet another good reason to visit QVM.