Sunday 19 May 2019

Heard Under The Sheds - 18/5/2019

One trader is excited by prospects for post election business. He theorises that before the election, most of the population is depressed by political campaign bashing, and after the result around 50% of the population are really happy. Does that mean they will spend? We will probably have the answer by close of business on Sunday.

And the trader who really wanted to avoid discussing politics had this response for inquisitive customers who asked what he thought of the election- “When you are considering chickens or turkeys, it is comforting to know that either way you get a roast.”  Very profound.

A trader suggested that the experts who attempted to predict the election result probably went to the same school as traders who attempt to predict business levels each day - they are both very sure before the event and then equally sure of where they got it wrong after the event.

And some traders just refuse to get involved. A trader was asked what he thought of the surprise result on Saturday night. His response “Don’t tell me the Swans beat the Kangaroos in Hobart again?”

Some SBA Container discussions 
-     “I can’t wait for them to start trading.”
-     “Traders In L Shed facing the work zone should get a rent discount.”
-     “Very exciting innovation. How will customers react?”
-     “Let’s hope they get the stalls behind the containers occupied quickly. They have the potential to become a storage box dump.”

A trader is delighted by the continuing sunny days at this time of year but refuses to accept any association with climate change. He reckons it is just lots of Queensland tourists bringing their weather down to Melbourne.

A customer asked how much it would cost to have his purchase put in a quality paper bag rather than the standard plastic bag he had seen at some stalls.

L Shed plans explained - We understand that the stalls in L Shed, behind the new containers, will be occupied again in a few weeks once installation is complete. Traders who have been moved temporarily while works go on will have the option of returning to their old stall although some may choose to stay in their new locations. It is also envisaged that L Shed would be a perfect place to start new traders, particularly if they don’t require stall depth.