Wednesday 4 January 2012

New Consumer Laws Gives Customers More Rights

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission says under standardised consumer guarantees that take effect in 2012, "small businesses should be aware of the rights a consumer has for a refund, repair or replacement of faulty products or product that don't do what they advertise".
"If it doesn't do what it says on the box, or what the salesperson told you it would do, the law allows you to have it repaired, replaced or refunded," it says.
Under Australian Consumer Law, goods and services must:
·              - Be of acceptable quality.
·             -  Be fit for purpose.
·              - Match the description.
·              - Match any sample or demonstration model.
·              - Meet any extra promises made by the supplier.
So, it is no longer just broken or faulty goods that must be actioned. Any good that doesn’t do what the packaging says or what the salesperson said it would do is covered by the new laws and must be repaired, replaced or refunded.