Sunday 1 March 2020

From The Archives - One of Our Favourite Letters To The Editor Of Victraders

Letters to the Editor - The Dark Side
Dear Editor,
                Would you please stop posting those damn articles about online buying? Last night my wife asked if I would check the online price of knitting wool (insert horror music here).

Now, my wife is a bit of a Luddite when it comes to the internet. She has never typed one laptop key and her mobile phone is convenient packing between the nail clippers and purse in her handbag. I ask all my friends not to send her SMS’s because she keeps on asking me what the funny little flag at the top of the screen is. Not only did she ask me to check prices online but she asked if I could show her how to buy online (even louder horror music).

I told her that I’d heard online wool comes from diseased lambs (you’re right – not smart – she saw through that) so I started to give her detailed instructions on accessing the internet. Her eyes glazed over and I knew I had earned a temporary reprieve. However, the Dark Side is only a few key presses away. Please stop posting those online buying articles.

Regards – Desperate Trader.