Sunday, 1 December 2019

Heard Under The Sheds – 1/12/2019

A number of Traders have commented positively on the news that QVM is to be the hub of next year’s Melbourne Food & Wine Festival. One Trader said ”How could you hold it anywhere else? This is Melbourne’s food place.”

A report this week suggested that students unable to attend school because of illness could send along a robot to record classes. A Trader asks if the idea could be extended to serving at market stalls?

A Trader tells us that while some QVM Traders are urging for longer lease/license periods there are some retailers in the wider retail sector seeking shorter than 5 year terms so they can maintain flexibility.

A number of Traders have received early Christmas cards this week. It turns out that they all came from longtime customers Robert & Maggie who shop most weeks at the market and will soon be retiring to a coastal town in eastern Victoria. Giving Christmas cards is not normal customer behaviour but Robert & Maggie are pretty special. They will be missed.

A Trader returned recently from a trip to Vietnam where he noticed the rise of supermarkets since his last visit. He said food was cheaper outside the supermarkets but consumers seemed to like the price stability and the consistent quality.

One of our food Traders in the upper market got a bit of a shock this week when advised his rent would rise significantly. There can always be a potential for conflict between managements view of the value of a site and a Trader’s view of its profit potential. Let’s hope this one sorts out OK.

Our bad (but irresistible) joke of the week continues the tape measure theme – “A sad tape measure went to his friend for encouragement saying “I just don’t feel like I measure up….” His friend responded “Don’t worry, you’re just over extended.”

A Trader liked a quote he heard this week which relates to the retail revolution – “There is no path – We are all trailblazers.”

Last week’s article about banning Trader parking outside stalls caused one Trader to comment – “We need an alternative cost effective option and some surety. Remove the current quota system for the market car park, and guarantee all legitimate Traders a spot, and maybe we can live with a fee.”

Is This QVMs Best Ever Brochure?

The QVM Christmas Gift Guide 2019 is a well put together publication that many Traders believe raises the bar on previous promotions.
 Aided by glossy quality paper and printing, this year’s brochure is in a handy format that encourages portability and use.

The photos are professional and the mix of quality products and Traders (great looking Traders at that) seems just right.
 Apparently the take-up by Traders this year was strong, and if the quality of this publication is a guide, we can expect more involvement in future.

A number of Traders have found the brochure useful in advising customers of Christmas options around the market, and one jokes that it would be ideal for disguising mobile phone gaming (absolutely disgraceful - Ed).

If you haven’t seen the Christmas Gift Guide yet we suggest you call at F1 on Queen St. You might also put a note in your diary for next year to make sure your business is part of the promotion.

Latest Retail News – 1/12/2019

Latest Retail News – 1/12/2019
1. Oxfam names and shames retailers it says are not meeting worker wage commitments.
2. Caltex considers $8.6b takeover offer from Canadian convenience store chain.
3. Coke & Pepsi join push for sugar reduction.
4. JB HiFi launches small store concept in Melbourne CBD.
5. The Co-operative Bookshop enters voluntary administration.
6. Priceline Pharmacy launches click’n’collect.
7. Collins Foods (KFC etc.) half year profit up 9%.
8. Womenswear retailer, Bardots, appoints administrators, seeks sale.

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QVM In The News - 1/12/2019

At least a dozen cleaners have been left without a job after Queen Victoria Market (QVM) decided to change cleaning contractors just four weeks ...
Three twilight and night markets to check out in Victoria ... Night markets are nothing new to Queen Vic Market – in the coldest winter nights, we still ...
By Spencer Fowler Steen. Fears have been expressed that Queen Victoria Market (QVM) will lose business due to the proposed closure of the existing ...
The 141-year-old Queen Victoria Market will become the new festival hub and will host a series of signature events, plus talks and presentations led ...

Thinking Of Selling Your Stall?

A few weeks back we published an article titled "Selling Your Stall? Don't Sell Yourself Short." It urged Traders to consider the true value of their business before launching into a sale. Businesses at QVM have been notoriously undersold over the years and maybe it is time we became more professional about this important process.

Well, SBMS have decided to take the subject a step further and engage an expert in small business saleability to assist Traders through a Question & Answer session on Wednesday 15th January 2020.

Here are the details -  

If you are thinking of selling in the next year….
Come along to a Q & A Session
On Wednesday 15th January 2020

More than 50% of Exits are INVOLUNTARY.
More than 70% of Business Owners have NOT THOUGHT ABOUT IT = no exit strategy.

Without fully investigating the value that has been built up over all the years, you may be potentially throwing away all your blood, sweat and tears, and not-to-mention, your hard-fought time and hard-earned money, for nothing.

Is your business in good shape for sale?

This is your opportunity to ask any questions about selling your business, for example, how do I work out what my business may be worth? (Don't forget to write down your questions before the event). Denise can help you facilitate freedom from your Business no longer serving your purpose with strictly confidential SBMS mentoring.

Date: Wednesday 15th January 2020
Time: 11am - 1pm  Includes a light lunch
Venue: Board Room, Trader Lounge (266 Victoria Street)
*** Please note registration is required for catering.
RSVP by 9th January 2020 to, tel Madalen on 1300 631 171 or register online