Sunday 1 May 2011

Market Interview - Jeffrey

Name? Jeffrey
What do you do/sell at the market? I draw portraits and caricatures.
How long have you been at the market? - 7 years
What do you like best about the market? - I normally paint traditional drawing so what I do here at the market is different. I get great pleasure from making customers happy.
Past jobs? - I teach drawing in china and have been involved in numerous solo and group exhibitions.
Sporting interests? -Table Tennis
If you were CEO for a day? - We have much cultural diversity amongst our traders. I would like to see more cultural art from places like China, Turkey, Iran, Italy. More culture, less K- mart.
One thing nobody knows about you? -I dream of being a famous contemporary artist.
Favorite food? -fish
Favorite drink? - wine
Favorite TV show? - a good Chinese movie
What is the best piece of advice you've ever been given? - Friends are more important than business.
Is it easier to teach drawing or learn drawing?- difficult question. it is easier to teach student with little to no knowledge of drawing. Teaching experienced students is more difficult.
When did you first start painting? - I was 10 years old. China's cultural revolution was in full swing and there was no study so my father showed me drawing.

Thanks Jeffrey

Interview by Tony