Sunday 20 January 2013

Another Trader Sets Up Business Facebook

Andy from Victoria Market Gifts has set up his business Facebook page –
Andy has 18 “likes” on start-up and needs another 12 to get the full analytics status from Facebook. From there on it is a matter of building up ”likes” so that his posts get wider coverage.
Facebook is an excellent way to communicate with your customers. It is easy to maintain, add photos, and  experiment with new ideas. Facebook can be operated from a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone, and it is free.
If you are interested in setting up a business Facebook page, check out our article ( ) or ring Greg Smith on 0406 222 020.

FACEBOOK TIP - Terminology in Facebook can be a little confusing but basically “likes” are friends or, for us, customers. The first time a customer “likes” your page, your “likes” count goes up and they automatically receive all your future posts. Subsequent likes by that customer don’t add to your friends count but they are a useful guide on how customers view the content of your individual posts. For instance, a high number of likes on a post about a new product in your range can be a guide to its potential success.