Sunday 13 January 2013

Why Buskers Are Important

If you ask QVM traders their top wish for 2013, most will say “more customers”. It is not exactly rocket science that getting more of the right customers past your stall gives you a better chance of achieving sales targets. Buskers can play a role in the whole process. 

Attracting more customers comes down to media promotion but getting them to visit once is not enough. We need to create the excitement that will have them coming back and telling their friends about the experience. Traders play the biggest part by offering a high level shopping experience but buskers can help create the buzz and excitement that makes a trip to QVM memorable. It is all about entertaining the customer.

Like everything else we do at QVM this process needs to be done well. Not all buskers are going to suit our environment. QVM is not just a public place, it is a shopping precinct where business is the prime activity. Assessing the views of the public, traders, and the buskers, will be important to successful integration. And don’t forget, if you like what a busker is doing for your business, a gold coin wouldn’t go astray. After all, this is business, and they have a living to make as well.

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13/01/2013 17:26:52 Buskers "Well said Ed" - Hugh Nanimous  
14/01/2013 07:58:17 buskers "Yes we need, more buskers, more entertaiment, more buzz, more smiles. Make people want to come to experience a good time at the market. Not just to save a dollar or two. As that is probably not possible with parking fees etc. Create a feel good atmosphere for all to come with their families, or you will surely not survive." Andy