Friday 4 January 2013

How To Set Up Your Business Facebook Page

It is very easy to set up a business Facebook Page, even if you have only very basic computing skills. Why not make it one of your New Years business resolutions?

If you don’t have a website, your own Business Facebook Page is a great alternative, and it is easy to keep updated from a mobile phone. You don’t need programming skills to change information on your Facebook page and posting photos of your latest products is very easy. Your posts can be linked up with the QVM Facebook page with its 15,000 customers.

Facebook have an excellent instruction page on their website which will take you through step by step (see the link below) but here are the basics.

1. You will need a computer or tablet.

2. You will need a cover photo which goes at the top of your page to show what you are about. A photo taken with your mobile phone is fine.

3. Preferably you will have some sort of logo as well, but that is not essential.

4. Follow the steps on the Facebook site -

5. Start posting.

Problems along the way? – Just ask a fellow trader with a Facebook page, email us, or ring Greg Smith on 0406222020.