Friday 6 September 2013

Latest Online Spending Trends

Recent analysis particularly by the National Australia Bank has raised some interesting data about online spending –

1. Online spending is on the rise and now constitutes 6.3% of total retail sales.
2. The key categories are department stores (34%), homewares and appliances (18%), and groceries and liquor (14%).
3. Australian online retailers account for 73% of sales so customers still prefer local.
4. Online sales are currently dominated by pureplay (dedicated online) retailers (70%) although traditional retailers are making inroads into the online space and are expected to increase their influence as the “bricks’n’clicks” concept gains momentum.
5. Overseas “bricks’n’clicks” retailers are starting to lose influence due to the high cost of freight to Australia and many have chosen to establish an Australian online presence.
6. Online department store sales are dominated by pureplay retailers (95% of sales) while the majority of homewares and appliances, and grocery and liquor category sales are from “bricks’n’clicks” retailers.