Tuesday 17 September 2013

Should We Ban Smoking At QVM?

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05/09/2013 12:59:30 SMOKING "Is it time for management to ban smoking within the market. Is it not unhealthy, create bad smells, look bad for traders who smoke in their stall, and outdated for a shopping destination. We want to improve standards, revamp the market, .This issue needs to be looked at."
An increasingly common complaint from traders concerns smoking within the market. Like the above comment left on our website this week there is concern for the health of traders and the bad image that smoking generates with customers.
Our market is a semi-outdoor environment but with precedents set by places like the MCG it is becoming more common to ban smoking in any area where the public congregates. 
What do you think? Is it time we acted at QVM?

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06/09/2013 1030   "Smoking should be confined to designated areas of the market and banned from stalls for Health reasons." - Jillian

07/09/2013 21:39:30  Smoking  "I'm a smoker, but I agree it should be banned." Tony  

08/09/2013 20:02:19 Smoking "I've heard customer said "Is it still 19th century, they still smoke  in here" when they see trader smoking and they also just shake their head when they see trader smoke close to a bunch of school kids. It need to stop. If you need to smoke pls take a break and go to M shed, behind A shed or other boundaries. "  

09/09/2013 11:00:00 SMOKING "Should be banned very bad for health of not only smoker but others(Passive Smoking)   maybe set up designated smokers areas around market for those who cant kick the habbit  Why wasn' this done Years ago/ is it becasuse we are so far behind the times the market really needs to catch up. ITS 2013!" JR ESHED  

 09/09/2013 13:56:08 Smoking "Community thinking is simply against smoking. There is a community expectation that smoking will be restricted to certain areas so as not to impact on the health of the general community particularly the very young and the very old. Smoking in and around general trading areas is against community standards and should be banned. That applies to traders and the general public."

11/09/2013 09:52:48 Smoking QVM "Where is a smoker able to have a smoke? 
Not in restaurant 
Not in a bar
Not in a club
Not in public areas 
Not out side a restaurant 
We are going a little over board. Most people that smoke do there best to be mindful of there ADDICTION. 
So let's set up smoking areas. Just like we have setting areas. Will set up smoking  areas. We can have 10 people smoking at the same time.  Then we have a cloud of smoke. Next to who's stall? Or which part of the market? Where the public wont complain? Maybe we should send smokers to the park? Cos you can't play in them without councils public liability concerns. 
I'm not a smoker but the people that complain the most are reformed smokers. I don't agree with smoking but it's an   ADDICTION. One that government gets a large amount of taxes from. 
Cheers JM" JM
18/9/2013 Editors Note: City of Melbourne has announced a 6 months trial smoking ban in the city's Causeway Lane following a request from the Australian Medical Association.