Friday, 11 October 2013

Remote Control Tourist

 Check this out. An innovative tourist idea that is gaining quite some publicity in Melbourne.

From what we can see a guy with a video camera is guided around Melbourne’s streets by internet comments and he streams video to the internet as he goes. People go on line and suggest that the remote control tourist visit a particular coffee shop for instance. He waltzes into the shop and interacts with staff and customers, does requests for his online audience (maybe sings a song, or orders a particular coffee) and generally has a good time. On the screen you see vision from his camera (which seems to be on his head) and you see the comments from online participants.

He is only operating until the 13th of October and if he hasn’t already been to our market we hope he comes. This is a great example of local interaction that also embraces an online audience. Thanks to QVM for putting the link on their facebook page. And, as an after thought, what if QVM had their own Remote Control Tourist wandering around the market and streaming video to the QVM website on a regular basis? We are probably big enough and have enough variety to sustain such an operation. Perhaps our tour guides could be the vehicle for onsite and online integration.

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