Friday, 18 October 2013

Traders Meeting - 17/10/2013

The meeting of General Merchandise Traders held in the QVM Food Court yesterday (Thursday) was called to give an update on the renewal process.

Traders received presentations from Trader Representatives, Joe Stolarek, Stephen McLennan, Jenny Pyke and Greg Smith. Kon Kardaras gave an insight from the deli traders point of view and it was great to have a contribution from a couple of our friends in the fresh food area - Kon, and George Milonas who represented meat and fish traders. Communications Consultant, Jan Cochrane-Harry, gave an insight into some of the issues being considered by management and then took a number of questions from the floor.

Traders were reminded that visiting is a great way of keeping informed on the latest developments in the market and will be particularly important as the renewal process moves forward.