Sunday 13 May 2018


Friday was a particularly wet and wind day and market aisles that are exposed to the weather got the full treatment.

The trader who sent us this photo labelled it as F...... Shed. 

He (or she) didnt complete the spelling but we feel the sentiment is quite clear. It is time aisles like this received professional consideration for weather protection.

Maybe next we'll receive a photo for S.... B..... A...... on a rainy day.

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14/05/2018 06:56:03      F Shed           "Clearly having rain water running down SBA or F shed is a big turn off for customers and not to mention the OH&S factor but for better customer convenience and safety why not have roofing over A to D sheds
Imagine how much better the aisles would look aesthetically without tarps running down the back of each stall.
The awnings currently used have not been in operation long enough to be Heritage listed and can not be used in extreme weather conditions so we need to find a better and more modern solution."     
Thanks for your input - Ed.