Tuesday 15 May 2018

QVM Underground Goes Under?

The City of Melbourne has decided not to appeal Heritage Victoria’s ban on temporarily removing the western end of sheds A-D in order to construct underground facilities. We understand the sheds will not be removed.
The CoM had a choice of appealing the Heritage Victoria decision and engaging in protracted legal argument, but has decided to work with Heritage Victoria and stakeholders to come up with a new proposal for achieving its renewal aims.
The CoM has indicated its commitment to invest in QVM -  “……there remains a strong and continued case for renewal, which includes lack of infrastructure to support contemporary Work Health and Safety , Food Safety and site security practices, inadequate waste management systems, absence of dedicated trader facilities and a need for enhanced customer amenities, including more public toilets, more seating and access for people of all abilities,  a lack of public spaces and community facilities in the growing city north area, declining profitability of Queen Victoria Market Pty Ltd and an associated inability to fund necessary site maintenance and upgrades, ageing heritage sheds and facilities.”
Subject to Council approval later this week, it is expected that 6 months will be spent coming up with a new proposal. The proposal will need to include provision for car parking originally intended to go underground at Sheds A-D and supplement the parking already planned for the Munro site. Those measures will enable the current market car park to be converted to park land.
Whatever the outcome, traders will be looking for a speedy, non-disruptive, solution.