Sunday 26 August 2018

Heard Under The Sheds – 26/8/2018

No Way To Start A Trading Day – trader Lana was setting up her stall in J Shed on Saturday morning when a pigeon decided to relieve itself directly above her collection of fine silk fabrics. Our photo shows just one of the pieces that had to be thrown out. Pigeons roosting above stalls in J Shed have been a problem for some time and various methods including spaying on deterrent chemicals have been tried. Clearly they are not working and at least one trader feels it is time we got serious with the problem. Many others will agree.

Another Trader Goes – T-shirt designer and manufacturer, Sol, has sold his business on Queen St. and will be leaving the market.

A Very Happy Customer – Trader Betty, found a handbag near her stall and it contained a number of valuables including a wallet and passport. The bag was collected by a member of staff and taken to Shop F1. On arrival at F1 the staff-member found a very teary customer and now a very happy customer who is grateful for the honesty and alertness of QVM Traders.

OMG is that a split system? This was the comment on facebook when a photo of a trader’s container in String Bean Alley showed that it included an air conditioner. In fact the container used to house ATMs and the air conditioner was installed to protect delicate electrical systems in hot weather. Now it is an interesting addition to the list of customer comforts this trader can offer, or as one trader suggested, maybe an excuse to install a beer garden.

People’s Panel – a few traders are asking if Traders are really being considered for this Panel with at least 2 of the 4 planned sessions taking place during key trading times.

People’s Panel 2 – a couple of traders discussing the People’s Panel and lamenting that they couldn’t really sacrifice two trading days to attend but what if the ill-informed or minority interest groups held sway and worked against the majority of traders? 

Interviews For New Night Market – the new Asian themed Hawkers Night Market will be starting soon with interviews being conducted with current traders who meet the concept criteria - yet another opportunity for a variety of traders to experience the busy Night Market.

Trader Graeme is unable to drive his van at the moment and gets a lift into the market from fellow trader Leah - great to see traders helping each other out.