Sunday 11 August 2019

My Second Best QVM Meal Ever

Friday was one of the coldest days I have endured at QVM. My phone said it was “7.7degrees (feels like 3)” but soup for lunch was an absolute warming experience and was probably my second best meal ever at QVM.

With the usual soup supplier in SBA absent due to the “Artic winds” forecast for the day, it was time to venture over to Romeo & Theresa’s Cafe(*) in F Shed where there was a choice of chicken or minestrone soup on the menu.

I ordered one of each and the chef asked for a bit of time while he heated up the soup on the stove and prepared some thick china bowls so that the meal would stay hot even with customer interruptions - a very considerate chef.

The soup was served up with crusty bread and the chicken soup was delicious. There must have been half a chicken’s worth of meat in the bowl and the proper china did its job, keeping it hot right down to the last spoonful. The minestrone also received a big thumbs up. There is something about genuine Italian home cooking.

My best ever meal at QVM was a humble cauliflower pasta dish with a hint of anchovies and garlic which I had many years ago but still remember as a standout dish. It was also from Romeo & Theresa’s.

We have some great food at QVM. The choice is almost endless and generally offered up with a big dose of good advice and friendly engagement - just one more reason for loving where I work.

By Greg Smith

* the sign in F Shed says Romeo’s Take-away, but in this business you ignore Theresa at your peril.  The banter between Romeo & Theresa, (and with their customers) makes this a very worthwhile destination, and the home cooked style food is great.