Saturday 23 April 2011

Retail Reputations

The company viewed by Australians as having the best overall reputation is up against some strong competition in the likes of Wesfarmers, Nestle, Toyota and Australian Post. That didn’t faze JB Hi Fi who recently won the award for the second time. The Reputation Ranking measures how Australians feel about products & services, innovation, workplace, citizenship, governance, leadership, and performance.
JB HiFi  are arguably today’s most successful Australian retailer. JB have never abandoned their bargain store presentation but they do it in a very professional way. They have clutter, but never look untidy. They maintain impressive stock levels, they are very conscious of being price competitive, they offer a moderate level of staffing, and they are very conscious of giving good service. It is no accident that JB won top spot in corporate reputation rankings again this year.
Spare a thought for Vodafone Hutchison who, after suffering bad publicity recently over technical issues, is now ranked below the Australian Taxation Office -  ??????????