Sunday 3 May 2015

Draft Master Plan – Where From Here?

The Draft Master Plan on QVM Renewal is expected to be presented “in committee” to the City of Melbourne in early June. The Plan will then be made available online for approximately 4 weeks for public review before receiving the final consideration from CoM possible late July or early August depending on meeting timetables.

Once that process is complete, QVM can start detailed examination of projects and involve traders in that process. There will be many considerations at this time including – what projects come first? – what impact will those projects have on traders? – what impact will those projects have on customers? – how do we optimise customer expectations? – how do we minimise disruption?

The QVMAC is currently looking at ways to best involve traders including the setting up of sub-committees that allow a greater number of interested traders to have input into projects that particularly affect their trading group.