Friday 3 June 2016

Deconstructed Coffee Causes A Fuss

Coffee is a popular trader beverage at QVM - hell, what am I saying, the morning coffee is almost a religion at the market. We do treat our coffee seriously, and getting the process right is very important, but the latest trend from a Melbourne cafe has gained worlwide attention and it isn't all favourable.

A North Melbourne cafe is selling deconstructed coffee. Three beakers are served up to the customer, one with hot water, one with the shot of coffee, and one with frothed milk. The ability to blend your own cup has attractions for some but terms like "wankerism", "overboard hipsterism", and "gimmicky" have been used in newspaper articles and on social media. One thing is sure, there has been plenty of publicity over the unique offering.

Traders wanting coffee "to go" are unlikely to come across deconstructed coffee although it is possible to carry three paper cups in two hands.

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