Sunday 12 February 2017

Temporary Market Details Released

Temporary market View From Franklin St.

The Planning Application for the temporary market pavilion has been released online and contains some interesting details.

The pavilion will dominate Queen St. extending almost the entire length from Franklin St. to Victoria St.

The new two-storey, greenhouse-inspired design, will include an open air trading hall on the ground level and a market garden on the upper level.

The market garden will produce 200 metric tonnes of fresh produce annually

The design includes a biodigester that can convert 2 tonnes of fruit and vegetable waste  per day.

A dehydration unit will convert  fish offal to compost.

These waste treatment units will create fertiliser for use within the greenhouse and water for toilet flushing.

Ceiling and wall-mounted fans for cooling and electric infrared radiant  heaters for heating will be provided.

LED lighting and a daylight lighting control system to reduce energy consumption are part of the planning.

Mobile cool-rooms will be placed along the eastern edge of the current car park.

The Queen St. car park entrance will be removed.

The current toilet block on Queen St. will be removed and temporary facilities provided.

The current mature Plane Trees bordering the car park and on the median strip separating the bus parking area will be retained as part of the greenhouse design.

Temporary Market View From Victoria St.

The Planning Application occupies over 35 MB of data and if you wish to explore the detail further, can be found here - Planning Application for QVM Temporary Market.