Sunday 1 March 2020

Heard Under The Sheds - 1/3/2020

A Trader has a tip for his colleagues selling fashion. Metallic clothing, popular in the 80’s, is making a comeback according to internet bloggers.

A Trader wonders if Traders have shot themselves in the foot by campaigning against the underground proposal for A-D sheds a few years back. The new proposal for facilities on Queen St. means the Upper Market is no longer locked in to our future trading plans.

Staff email - the mistaken distribution of an internal QVM staff email to Traders has probably helped reduce the “them and us” syndrome according to a number of Traders. Seeing the management team in a more family-friendly light might challenge a few negative perceptions.

And a tip from one Trader - if you want an email to go under the radar, maybe don’t publish a “please disregard” notice. That will ensure that Traders check it out.

A Trader in the Upper Market has an interesting Google Review profile. He has many reviews and apparently they are either very good or very bad with little in between. Does this mean he is a nice guy with a bad temper?

A Trader says the Coronavirus wasn’t the only cause of a very quiet weekend’s trading. Apparently the Greek Festival in a closed off section of Lonsdale St. over the weekend attracted an estimated 100,000 customers. Greek food is a great draw-card and probably created significant competition for QVM.

On the same subject, another  Trader wonders if the next Greek Festival could be in the planned City Square that will replace our current carpark when it is relocated to Munro’s. Better to have 100,000 people next door to our market than elsewhere in the city.

A Trader says the new $35m proposal for facilities on Queen St. is worth checking out. He was particularly impressed by the proposed building on Queen St. itself which houses underground facilities that will pipe F&V rubbish from A-B sheds but remain an unobtrusive pedestrian mall during trading hours - very high tech without disturbing the look and feel of the market.

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