Sunday 23 October 2011

Opinion: Improving Customer Service

I don’t want to denigrate the long term value of training courses but the answer to getting a better customer service attitude at the QVM is not just through a training course. There is something far more important.
Get us more customers! Get us more feet past the front of our stalls and, importantly, make them tourist feet. More tourists means more sales, means more profit and that puts a smile on the face of traders better than any customer service technique will ever do.
The debilitating impact of poor business on every traders psyche cannot be over estimated. It is difficult to present a bright enthusiastic face to your customers when bills are piling up, you are earning less than the minimum wage, stock levels are low, your product choices are no longer sure-fire sellers, you need staff assistance but you can’t afford it, and your customers are more inclined to save than spend. Then the QVM shows it doesn’t understand and puts your rent up.
Our Lord Mayor has made statementsrecently about returning the QVM to its iconic No.1 tourist status. I think we all agree!  But it is time for action and putting more hard money into tourism starting right here at the Queen Victoria Market.