Friday 7 October 2011

Why I Love This Place: No. 1 – The Traders

Last week I was discussing AFL football with an Afghani Freedom Fighter and a Vietnamese Boat Person and I realised that QVM traders must represent one of the most diverse cultural groups anywhere.
Historically, the market has drawn from a variety of people, often displaced from their homelands and strangers in a new country but with a business sense that has enabled successful integration. On a different level we have a wonderful mix of “rebels” and unique characters that make us quite different from your traditional shopping venue. I love the casual conversations, the cheeky banter, the forceful opinions and the endearing friendships.
Business is often seen as a dirty word and yet it provides the glue for trader relations and the friendship and bond that we enjoy day in and day out. Our bond is an interesting one because it not only has to overcome cultural and language difficulties but, let’s face it, we are here to make a dollar and sometimes chasing the dollar and getting on with your neighbour doesn’t mix. Yet, with few exceptions, QVM traders overcome these obstacles and work successfully side by side.
It is this common bond, spiced by a fascinating variety of cultures and experiences that makes the QVM such a wonderful place to work – a colourful bazaar of humanity.