Friday 11 November 2011

Queen St. Festival – Join The Debate

A big weekend coming up if you believe the QVM marketing hype with a music/craft stall combination featuring in Queen St. on Sunday. Will it help or hinder the top end of the market?
Debate rages about whether Queen St. Festivals add to business for General Merchandise Traders or simply suck more business out of the top end of the market. If crowds are drawn to this type of event, do they translate into extra business for the top end or do they simply create extra digits on the crowd counters?
Some traders swear their business suffers when Queen St. festivals are in operation as crowds are drawn to the freebies on Queen St. instead of wandering the sheds for their entertainment.
At past meetings, QVM have assured us that special efforts will be made to drag festival people into the top end. The first of the Market Sessions, Queen St. promotions, is upon us. We will be keenly watching for those special efforts.

Anonymous said...

Freebies? What freebies do you speak of?