Sunday 6 November 2011

Victraders Get The Eurozone Treatment

From ABC News 5/11/2011 – “The Eurozone has won verbal support but no new money at the G20 summit for its tortured efforts to overcome a sovereign debt crisis.”
Re-jigged for Victraders – “General Merchandise Traders have won verbal support but no new money at Friday’s Traders/Management meeting for their tortured efforts to overcome a crisis in poor customer attendance.”
As previously reported, management have refused to amend their rent increase proposal and a 3.8% (roughly) rent increase will apply to licence holders from 8th November.
The verbal support takes two forms:
1.       Management will be happy to engage in ongoing dialogue with traders to discuss a variety of trader issues. A formal structure will be set up to accommodate these discussions. We see this as a positive move. We know from the recent Trader Focus Group discussions that results can be achieved through a genuine attempt by both parties to improve trade in the top end of the market.
2.       Management will be happy to discuss cases of financial hardship with individual traders. We would like to hear from any trader who has been involved in financial hardship discussions with office staff. We don’t want details, just how you found the process, and whether you were happy with the result. Please write to us or talk with one of your Trader Volunteers.