Sunday 20 November 2011

Tourism Update – What Does It Mean?

The latest trader’s bulletin included a tourism update which we always take interest in but what does this really mean for General Merchandise Traders?
The update included news on hosting tourism volunteers from Melbourne and regional areas so that they are better informed on what the QVM has to offer. This process will be extended to some 100 tourism industry delegates. This is all good stuff although we have made a note to investigate whether the tourism end of the market (General Merchandise Traders ) are adequately mentioned in the hosting process or do we fall in behind food, the night market, and cooking classes.
Mention is also made of a new relationship with V-line which enhances shopping opportunities for regional populations. We checked this one out and it involves going to the V-line website, clicking on the shopping graphic, selecting from a list of Victorian shopping locations and clicking on Melbourne, downloading a pdf file of shopping vouchers, and scrolling to the QVM offer which is 20% off a Foodies Tour.  This is a fairly typical online promotion, in fact not unlike the QVM website, where you need to dig deep to find what you want. To be frank, this has limited value.
Before you start accusing us of being whingers, let us make one thing clear. The QVM is very good at hunting out promotional opportunities. They make the most of a variety of traditional and online promotions and we are impressed by their diligent efforts. However, correcting the neglect of high level tourism promotion will require a significant shift in thinking from the higher levels of management including the board and ultimately the Melbourne City Council. The Lord Mayor’s   dream of returning QVM to its iconic tourist status will require more than words and some free online advertising.