Saturday 14 February 2015

QVM Marketing Saves Trader

As a humble QVM Trader, remembering occasions like Valentines's Day is not my strong point particularly when they fall on a normal trading day (us committed business males always have an excuse).

But QVM marketing staff came to the rescue today with a high profile handout of delicious chocolate coated strawberries and silk roses, which were presented to various customers and traders as they walked the aisles. They were accompanied by a professional crooner who added a wonderful dose of romance to the occasion.

My wife didn't quite believe that I had organised the visit to my stall just for her but, the mood had been set, and I think I have been forgiven for another year at least. Well done to all involved!

15/02/2015 23:41:01 Valentines Day "None of us up on Peel st saw these guys. It would've been a nice surprise especially as I'm single."  Leah
23/02/2015 16:24:18 valentines day "We didn't see them up D shed either "