Sunday 15 February 2015

Traders Consider Permanent Stalls Like Therry St. Market.

This week's Trader Focus Group meetings considered a number of proposals including the option of permanent stalls under the upper sheds.

The stalls in the Therry St. temporary market late last year remained set-up over the 10 days or so of the market. Traders were able to construct a more professional level of merchandising and of course they saved a considerable amount of time and effort by avoiding set up and pack up each day. During the recent one to one trader consultations a number of traders raised permanent stalls as a desirable option for the future. 

At the Trader Focus Group meeting this writer attended there was substantial support for a trial of permanent or semi-permanent stall set-ups under the sheds in aisles C, D, or E. There are many issues to be considered in such a trial including maintaining the essence of a market and avoiding the look of a shopping centre. It was considered that the Therry St. Market model would probably achieve the desired result. A market like QVM will always need the flexibility of different types of stall structures. A combination of permanent stalls, set-up and pack-up stalls, containers, and shops are all likely ingredients.

Renewal could potentially bring with it substantial change and trialling these sorts of concepts is an essential element if "modest and fragile" small business are to feel comfortable with the process. 

16/02/2015 12:48:35 PERMANENT STALLS "Has anyone seriously thought this idea through" Alby E Shed

16/02/2015 -  Welcome your views Alby - Ed