Sunday 1 February 2015

QVM's BBQ Event Fires Up

"The Melbourne Barbecue Festival is all about meat, smoke, summer and good times in Melbourne" according to their website and a little rain in the morning is unlikely to dampen the enthusiasm of these cooks. 

The 4 day event culminates in a free BBQ festival at QVM on Queen St. which will continue through to 10pm on Sunday 1st February.
Is this likely to be a more regular event? Maybe our last photo taken at around lunchtime on Sunday may give you the answer.

02/02/2015 06:54:49 BBQ event "Yes the BBQ event attracted a lot of people and hopefully traders benefited from extra trade. In writing such an article it's important to have balance.
What effect if any did it have on the other Market food venders?
Why were some traders still being  relocated stalls on the day?
Some traders along Queen St. were told to hurry up and pack there is a private function in progress and they are paying good money all while still trying to serve customers.This type of approach does little to improve trader/ Management relations.An article on the events needs to be balanced and written by someone at the events & not second hand stories." 

02/02/2015 - You are quite correct Anonymous. The photos on the day were simply to record the event. The analysis comes after, and input from all interested parties is welcome. We would love to hear more detail from you - Ed.  

02/02/2015 13:02:57 Barbecue &rep selection "Barbacuba great for them but how did the upper market trade? Imput please. I am an upper market trader,alot of foot traffic but buyers were thin on te ground. Point 2 .. How were the extra reps chosen? I am a concerned and passionate market trader,but I have never been approached. Your call please editor."