Sunday 1 February 2015

Renewal Update

At the last QVMAC meeting (Thursday 22nd January) Trader Representatives were presented with a briefing on the current state of the Queen Victoria Market Precinct Renewal Project.

A Draft Master Plan is due for released by the City of Melbourne,  in March 2015 and, before then, QVM will be conducting consultation sessions with expanded groups of traders to inform and examine some aspects of the renewal 'Brief' which they have developed.

The Master Plan has been described as a document that you could give someone with no prior knowledge of the QVM Project and they would become informed. It sets a number of basic parameters that will define our market and the immediate precinct and become a firm basis for future discussions and outcomes.

The Master Plan will not answer all questions in one hit. We traders are a pragmatic lot. We are used to making quick decisions because the dynamic nature of our small businesses demands it. For many the renewal process is going to be slow and tortuous.  Traders are the most important ingredient in the process (written without a hint of bias) but there are others who require input – customers, owners, managers, community leaders etc. – and getting the right result will require time and patience.

Over coming weeks QVM will be conducting consultation sessions with a broader group of traders. These sub-committees each involving 10 or so traders will consider more specific issues that may be part of a renewal and will make recommendations. The sub-committees will be aligned with particular trader groups - Dairy Hall, Meat and Fish, Fruit and Vegetable, Specialty Traders (General Merchandise) and Hospitality so that they can consider issues relevant to their groups. By mid-March there will be an opportunity for all traders to add their views.

This is going to be a long process. At times we may be confused by the variety of reports, strategies, plans, consultations and briefings. Some may seem contradictory. We may read things that are different to what we have been told because there have been time crossovers. There may be things that can’t be answered until the process progresses and other pieces of the puzzle are added.

Our understanding is that there will be checks and balances. There will be various stages where we can say "Hang on. We want to review that in more detail". And it will be up to us to make our views loud and clear, not just as a group but as individual traders. The sum of all our contributions will help shape the future of renewal. When you think about it, it is an exciting prospect - and, for this writer at least, a little scary.

02/02/2015 06:57:49 Renewal "Who and how were the traders selected?"

02/02/2015 - Participants were selected by the QVMAC - so a combination of management and all Trader Representatives proposed who they thought might be suitable candidates. I can only speak for Specialty (General Merchandise) Traders but I am not aware of any disagreement over participants. The list agreed to and submitted by your Trader Representatives over the weekend has been accepted by management as the final list for the two Specialty Trader groups. All traders will have the opportunity for individual input as stated in the article.  - Ed

02/02/2015 13:02:57 Barbecue &rep selection "Barbacuba great for them but how did the upper market trade? Imput please. I am an upper market trader,alot of foot traffic but buyers were thin on te ground.   Point 2 .. How were the extra reps chosen? I am a concerned and passionate market trader,but  I have never been approached. Your call please editor."  
04/02/2015 20:39 Speak with your Trader Representative or give me a call on 0406 222 020 and I will explain what is involved. I am confident we can fit in an extra participant. - Ed.