Sunday 27 December 2015

Merry Christmas And Thank You

As the Christmas festive season comes upon us there are many people to thank and many good wishes to express on behalf of QVM Traders.

Like many religion based celebrations, Christmas has goodwill at its core, and expressing that goodwill, recognising the efforts of those around us, and looking forward to a brighter future, are all part of the process.

Firstly, we at would like to wish all traders the very best for the festive season – a bountiful mix of business, family time, and the opportunity to reflect on preparations for a new year.

“Thank you to.....”

We would like to thank members of QVM management for their efforts to help make our market a better market, including members of the Board, especially Paul Sheahan and Jane Fenton who attended our QVMAC meetings throughout the year. Our thanks to our CEO and senior management team and a special mention to Jan Cochrane-Harry who changed the nature of management/trader relations.

Our thanks to those at the coalface – the office staff, market officers, security staff, cleaners box hire operators and all who help keep this well-oiled (most of the time) machine rolling along week in and week out.

Our thanks to customers whether they be regular weekly shoppers, intermittent travelers, locals, internationals, country folk, city workers -  you are our reason for being here and we value your attendance, the challenges you provide, and look forward to your ongoing support. We hope our efforts to be relevant in a rapidly changing retail environment are meeting your expectations.

And finally, thank you to traders – the core of this market. We particularly thank those traders who have shown a willingness to give rather than just take. We thank those who have strenuously improved their business throughout the year and embraced the new ways of doing business, those who have attempted to make our market a better place, and are prepared to work for a better outcome for all.