Sunday 20 December 2015

Box Storage In M Shed

Over the last couple of weeks the Operations Department at the Market have been reviewing some issues around box storage in the M Shed area. In particular around the difficulties the current arrangement presents to Casual Traders who need to access and transport their storage boxes to and from their stalls often at different times to other traders.

Some of the issues were purely logistical in nature, others were more about risk and safety issues and yet others were more about trying to make the process, lets say, somewhat more 'Casual Trader friendly’.
To the credit of the staff in Operations Area they informed Trader Representatives of their intentions and sought comments or input, as a result some simple solutions have been suggested and agreed upon and will be activated in the new year. Fundamentally it involves having casual trader storage boxes stored outside of the lock up areas in M Shed as this will facilitate access to the boxes and diminish many of the current problems both in locating and accessing these boxes as well as having to interact contemporaneously with other permanent traders who are seeking to use the same areas but for a different purpose.
There can be some confidence that this new system will resolve many of the difficulties and issue for most traders. So we ask for casual traders to have a little more patience as this new arrangement is trialed in the new year.

This exercise has also been an excellent demonstration of how traders and management can collaborate together to find workable solutions to some of the day to day issues that arise. Quite a number of traders have volunteered excellent advice that has been taken on board. We look forward to more opportunities of similar collaboration as there is no doubt that the combined practical wisdom and knowledge of traders and management talking and listening to each other will most often bring the best result to issues that arise.