Tuesday 13 December 2016

Heard Under The Sheds - 11/12/2016

Heard Under The Sheds – 11/12/2016

Security Doing Their Job – our security staff go about their business without much fanfare. On Saturday there were reports of a customer engaging in “upskirting” (using a mobile phone to film under women’s dresses). The culprit was apprehended and escorted from the market. Nice to know our security staff are working discretely in the background.

Merry Christmas – Ooops! – apparently the staff Christmas party for our cleaning staff last Tuesday was followed by two staff terminations. Cleaning staff are employed by a contractor, not QVM, although that doesn’t stop traders taking an interest in their welfare.

Cold Play Rocks QVM – well actually Cold Play didn’t rock QVM but their fans certainly did with many customers over the weekend displaying their concert merchandise while they bought some of ours. Also a big weekend for international tourists, particularly from Indonesia.

Unusual Sales Trend – one of our top-end traders reports that this is the first year in a while that his December sales have beaten November sales. Normally he experiences a slight decline in December as interstate tourists stay home but not this year. Hopefully others are experiencing the same.

New Temporary Market On Queen St. – generally favourable reactions from traders on the new Queen St. structure although at least one trader was struggling with the $5m cost. Apparently the structure can be sold at the end and at least part of the cost recovered.