Sunday 11 December 2016

The Power Of Internet Sharing For Traders

Traders have been involved in an interesting exercise with the QVM Marketing Team to explore marketing opportunities using social media, particularly with videos.

We have previously identified those traders who have been the subject of this process - Bruce Goose, Andy's Vic Market Gifts, Annette's soap flowers, Ivano's Caricatures, plus many from the Night Market.

The most amazing responses gave been received for food related videos. A video showing the cooking of Halloumi chips has reached hundreds of thousands of people. Food has an inherent interest factor. Who wouldn't get excited over things like chocolate infused cheese or pasta in a cheese wheel?

But it is not just the subject matter that counts here. It is no accident that technology hungry millennials are a core part of the Night Market clientele. If your product is likely to appeal to that group of consumers, your chances of going viral on social media would appear to be better.

Are you one of the traders who could take advantage of that connection? If so, talk to the QVM  Marketing Team.