Sunday 10 December 2017

What's Happening In Retail This Week - 10/12/2017

Pizza Chain Breaks Ties With Uber-EATS – Smartcompany has reported that pizza chain, Pizza Religion, has broken its ties with UberEATS over delivery complaints and rising costs. Pizza Religion used to do their own deliveries but outsourced to UberEATS. They have found that delivery complaints are difficult to handle when they are not the deliverer, and the initial UberEATS delivery fee of 22% of the bill was upped to 30% with a new claim for 35%.

Amazon Launches But Key Feature Still On Hold – Amazon have officially launched in Australia but their ace card, free delivery, is on hold until Prime membership becomes a reality in 2018.

UK Food Delivery Company Has Big Launch – Just Eat, a UK food delivery company has just launched on the London Stock Exchange and with a Pound Stg 5.5billion valuation, is worth more than long time retail icon, Marks & Spencer.

Melbourne Central Introduces Home Delivery Service – In an interesting move, GPT, the landlords of Melbourne Central, have launched a home delivery service within 20km of the centre with a flat fee of $10.95 for up to 10km, and free delivery for purchases over $50.

1. Amazon officially up and running in Australia.
2. French sports giant, Decathlon, opens in Sydney.
3. Nike launches first sports hijab.
4. Metcash profit increase sends shares up.
5. Latest ABS figures indicate slow start to Christmas.
6. Analysts “underwhelmed” by Amazon launch in Australia.
7. City of Melbourne launches Shop The City to boost CBD retail sales.
8. Aldi continues expansion in SA with 25th store.
9. Failed kids retailer, Pumpkin Patch, relaunched online by Catch Group.
10. Activewear retailer, Lululemon shows 14% sales expansion in third quarter.