Sunday 17 December 2017

Heard Under The Sheds – 17/12/2017

Anti-renewal Protest 1 – we understand that anti-renewal organisers wanted to park their truck across the top of Therry St. on Saturday morning but were denied by police and ended up in the kerb adjacent to the old Mercat Cross Hotel.

Anti-renewal Protest 2 – according to one observer the crowd was around 300-400 at best which was well down on the organisers hoped for 5,000. A couple of traders have suggested that the public are smart enough to know when change is needed at QVM.

Anti-renewal Protest 3 – we heard that the anti group handed out awards to three traders on Saturday morning for their efforts in resisting renewal. Leah Moore, Alby Renwood and Jenny Pyke were reported to be recipients.

Provocative Action? – one trader claims that the decision to place traders in new positions down on the Therry St plaza on the the day of protest was provocative while another applauded management for at last showing some street smarts.

A Trader has claimed discrimination saying that his free sausage on Friday morning only had tomato sauce, while his neighbour had tomato sauce and mustard. Come on management, equal treatment for all.

What is the relevance of this platter of Paella? It was served up after the completion of the Social Media workshop on Monday and the almost empty platter suggests that a good appetite was built up by the participants. We hasten to add that the business discussion continued while the Paella was eaten. All agreed that this was a productive session and a follow up is planned where traders can compare progress on their social media programs. 

Great Ads – one trader has pointed out that the gift buying ads placed by QVM on social media are the most professional he has seen in a while.

Why can’t we put quality hand crafted goods together asks one trader.

Not even the Night Market is immune from retail downturn according to one participant who was happy with results up until this week.

The free market bag promotion has been well received. There is nothing like a freebie to generate customer action and the hessian bag giveaway appears to be of good quality. Shame we ran out of customer vouchers.

20/12/2017 23:06:13      Christmas greetings          "Greg thank you for the victraders news throughout the year it keeps us all informed, Merry Christmas and a happy new year thanks." 
Thank you - Ed.