Sunday 17 June 2018

What’s Happening In Retail – 17/6/2018

New Pedestrian Path For Mobile Phone Addicts – The city of Xian in China has installed what is believed to be the worlds first pedestrian walkway for those who communicate on their phones as they walk. The path is extra wide to help avoid collisions and has already become a bit of a tourist attraction. The retail connection, of course, is that many consumers shop on their phones as they walk.

Pop-ups at Macy’s And QVM – Macy’s have just bought into a pop-up technology company, B8TA, which will allow the expansion of their in-store program for micro pop-up businesses across the Macy’s network. QVM have of course been doing their own style of pop-ups for some time as new businesses experiment with their offer under the sheds. This Saturday, a tent appeared in the L Shed Aisle as the Girthy Exhibition displayed their story. The Girthy Exhibition looks at the bike ride across Australia of two young architects as they studied the architecture of Australia’s interior.

Google Launches New Shopper Service – Google is launching its See What’s In Store service which is essentially competition for Amazon’s online offer. The idea is that users of Google Maps can call up a product entry box which will show you what nearby retailers stock the item you are after.

Macy’s Off-price Concept – “Off-price” describes well known brands at big discounts and is a booming category for stores like T.J.Maxx. Macy’s concept is called Backstage and is already in 60 stores with plans for every Macy’s store to have the facility.