Sunday 17 June 2018

Heard Under The Sheds – 17/6/2018

Night Market – a bit of rain on Wednesday night (it has been particularly wintery) but over 20,000 patrons still turned out for the night-time action.

Terrorist Scare – some very poor results from Tuesday trading following Monday’s Herald-Suns exposure of a story from last year about a terrorist plot involving QVM. The trend has continued further into the week. There has been a lot of criticism from police sources about the release of this story right now. As one trader said – “It must have been a slow news day for the Herald-Sun.” It would seem that locals have stayed away in particular.

A positive spin on security. One of our traders has suggested that we convert those bland looking concrete barriers into works of art and encourage local street artists to leave their mark.

Waiting, waiting – more than one trader has recalled the bright optimism that was associated with the QVM Renewal Announcement and the recent frustration at so little action - too many cooks?

One of our box hire operators will not have his license renewed at the end of June. Emails have been sent out to affected traders and management staff were attempting to visit each trader this week to reinforce the need for them to find alternative box hire.

What Sweep? - World Cup Soccer has become a welcome diversion for many traders with some intense excitement and extreme disappointment coming from the drawing of teams in an unofficial sweep. We are a sport mad nation. At least the timing of matches allows some sleep for traders as well.

Will you have Truffle With That? - Saturday's event at the top of A Shed looked well attended and traders reported that business appeared to be brisk for food providers.

Trader Ball - The Queen Victoria Market Trader Ball has been scheduled for Monday 5th November 2018 at Central Pier Docklands. Don't forget to put that in your diary.