Sunday 17 June 2018

Trader Vents Over QVM In Media

"Lord mayor Sally Capp has made a peace offering to traders at the Queen Victoria Market.

Which Traders? Nobody ask me anything about this...

“Our (major) renewal program will retain the traditional open air market we all love while strengthen-ing its long-term viability,” she said. (Herald Sun)
...While locals avoid us in a giant  circle,
and very small interstate tourists visit! (2%)
With “nose diving” businesses...
What is going on?
Why do we have one year old TERROR ALERT at QVM right now?
Who is behind that?
We experienced our worst ever trade on Tuesday, the first trading day after this article appear.
I feel like a standing duck in the middle of  shooting season, witnessing how an invisible hand is destroying my 27 years built business.
How have we come from a $250million renewalQVM to this?

Why, why, why?…
"Is There Anybody Out There?” - Pink Floyd"

Thank you for expressing the frustration that so many traders feel. The Herald-Sun has received a slap over the wrist from Victoria Police who said the QVM bomb plot "was not a credible threat". As one of our traders said, it must have been a quiet news day for that newspaper.  - Ed.