Sunday 2 September 2018

Heard Under The Sheds - 2/9/2018

Happy Ex-Traders - a trader commented that he knew of two ex-traders who were still associated with the market but in paid jobs and seemed a lot happier with their lot.

String Bean Alley 1 - Friday’s meeting of traders after the market was shown a draft drawing of how 12 extra containers would be slotted into SBA. Two additional  containers will be placed in the South side of the aisle nearest the car park and 10 in the vacant areas on the North side. There will be impact on some existing traders in L Shed although management are confident of finding solutions before any moves would be necessary. An application will shortly be made to Heritage Victoria seeking approval for the containers.

A Lick of Paint - Following a report in the Herald-Sun, a few traders were critical of the decision to repaint the QVM sign on the roof of the market when there were more important things to do. They had to be reminded that it was a group of traders who insisted that all the market needed was a lick of paint and some more marketing. The terminology in the Herald Sun article was no accident. Apparently marketing expenditure has also been increased.

String Bean Alley 2 - there was some concern that the planned placement of containers in SBA might restrict access from the car park. Planners have assured us that walkways similar to the current arrangement are planned but without the seating area.

String Bean Alley 3 - a Trader has suggested a way to increase the supply of locally made craft goods in SBA. Crafts people often have difficulty combining manufacturing and retailing but if a craft organisation was asked to organise a roster of different crafts people, particularly in a container, that could overcome the problem.

A Lick Of Paint 2 – Steve is a scholar of the market and he thinks the re-painting of the QVM sign on the market roof has real merit. He suggests that the sign could be visible to the thousands of tourists who visit our city as their aircraft heads in for landing at Tullamarine Airport and even a useful aid for pilots as they get their bearings prior to landing. Encouraging tourists to visit our market and assisting in the navigation of jumbo jets sounds like two very useful additional reasons for re-painting a roof sign.

Get Well - to John L, Russell and Kris - get well soon. We need you back in the market.