Sunday 30 December 2018

Heard Under The Sheds – 30/12/2018

The special Monday Christmas Eve Market brought some good crowd attendances in the Upper market with encouraging sales reports. Our photo shows the Centreway at E Shed around noon.

String Bean Alley didn’t fare so well which was probably understandable considering that J-L Sheds were allocated for car parking.

A trader noticed that the curated special market on the Monday included a stall-free Queen Street. A taste of things to come?

One Trader on Christmas Eve said he wasn’t too concerned about his takings for the day – getting out of Christmas cooking was bonus enough.

A sight to gladden the heart of every trader - cars queueing along Peel St. all the way back to Victoria St. just to get into our car park on the day before Christmas.

Workers dismantling the ice-rink claimed they had asked to trade past 24th December but they were told the area was required for other activities.
(P.S. One of the main considerations for keeping to the original timing for the ice-rink was the temperatures expected after Christmas. Given the temperature shutdowns that occurred before Christmas that seems like a good decision.)

A trader said that when a cricket test match is on in Melbourne between Australia and India it pays to sharpen up on your cricketing terms. The city has been full of cricket mad Indian fans who just love to talk about their game.