Sunday 16 December 2018

Convenience Is King…or Queen

If you have watched the progress of new ways of shopping, Click’n’Collect would surely have come to your attention and there is a good reason why it might be one of those shopping innovations that sticks.

Let’s imagine a typical shopping scenario where you head off to the store to select a product. You have a fair idea of what you want but you need to find out more, do some comparisons, and generally browse the aisles for what is available. That process will take you some time, perhaps valuable business time.

But let’s say you decide to browse online the night before. You go to a website, do your research, check the options, and make a decision. Then you check the websites Click’n’Collect button with the knowledge that you simply call in at the retailer the next day, pick up your goods without delay, and the job is done.

You can see why that is becoming a popular way of shopping.  But how does that work at QVM? Does your business offer click’n’collect? Do you offer anything like that convenience? Remember that click'n'collect usually means paying in advance as well. Maybe this is a subject for your next discussion with a mentor.