Sunday 10 February 2019

Heard Under The Sheds – 10/2/2019

A rather distressed customer told a trader that her first visit to QVM had been spoilt by ill-mannered or disinterested traders. She couldn’t work out why she had received such dismissive behaviour. Fortunately the trader telling us the story had shown genuine concern for her plight and explained that sometimes traders are distracted by other things (like really poor trading). The customer left with at least one trader showing understanding and giving the customer the attention and consideration that every customer deserves.

On a similar vein, a trader tells the story of a customer who acted a little strangely as he entered his stall. He was one of those outspoken customers who likes to make a scene, dresses a little eccentrically, and made some pretty outlandish claims about the important things he has done in life. He selected 4 of this trader’s more expensive items and asked if they could be packed while he went off to look at some neighbouring stalls. The trader didn’t expect to see him again but packed the goods anyway. Half an hour later the customer returned, apologised for the delay while he found an ATM, and handed over cash for the goods. Our trader was left happy and a little ashamed that he had jumped to conclusions about this customer’s intent. You can never tell.

This is a picture of a horse. Not just any horse because it travels greater distances around our market in a day than almost any other person or animal (or toy). The horse is attached to Guru Pete’s cleaning trolley and Pete believes it has been there for more than 15, and possibly 20, years. It was a gift from Kevin & Annette who used to sell soft toys in the market. Kevin and Annette still visit the market regularly for their food shopping.

Trader Co-op. With all this emphasis on recyclable packaging, one of our traders has come up with a bulk buying option for printed paper carry bags direct from China. By dealing direct with a Chinese manufacturer, and combining multiple orders, he is able to minimise freight costs and keep the overall cost down. Michael already has a number of traders interested and if you would like to join this co-operative effort, give him a call on 0411700727 or email . Michael used to be in the packaging business so he knows his stuff.

Bigass– no, we are not being derogatory. This is one of the brand names for huge industrial fans that may be very useful under our super hot tin roofs. A trader sent us this photo of a giant fan at a local basketball pavilion. He said the cooling effect was quite impressive.

A trader says she is amazed at the number of overseas customers who return to our market. One of her lines is a key tourist product and customers from US or Europe return to her stall on each visit which may be yearly or every few years. It is great that she gets repeat business and of course great that these customers keep QVM on their list of must visit places.

No Taj Mahal, but the improvements to the toilet block at the top of String Bean Alley got a few thumbs up this week. A good clean-up, a coat of paint and replacing a few fittings has certainly improved the appearance.